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ZetaTalk: Habitable Worlds

Note: written Feb 15, 1997


Due to the fact that entities from higher densities often conduct a visitation in light form, as they no longer require a corporal body for their spiritual growth, there is often confusion as to where these entities live. Might they not live on a beautiful planet such as Saturn? Entities in light form do not require a home planet, and tend to congregate where less mature entities are living and developing, on or near habitable worlds, as this is where their interests lie. Life only evolves where something akin to DNA can develop and be nurtured. Where the physical processes are essentially explosive, as within suns, or immobilized, as on your frozen outer planets, any DNA type structure would either be torn apart or fail to grow. What kind of thought process could a single atom maintain?


Habitable worlds are:


  1. Those that are not undergoing an essentially explosive process, such as suns undergo, or are not in such close proximity to such a process that they share the same environment. Some heat and even light generating processes can occur within habitable worlds, and are even beneficial to life, but the line is drawn where the explosive process tears DNA type structures apart rather than nurtures them.


  2. Those that are not so far from a heat and light generating process that their atoms are essentially immobilized. There is more variety in these types of worlds than mankind currently surmises. As long as a DNA type structure can form and not be destroyed, life can exist. However, since the lessons to be learned during the early densities are learned best during incarnations, such slow-motion worlds are poor school houses and seldom develop any forming entities who fail to spark in such a boring environment.


  3. Those that contain a heavy preponderance of a liquid, such as water, to encourage mobility. Mankind assumes that life requires water, and they are not far from the truth. There are other substitutes, just as there are other substitutes for carbon in the chemical chains that form into DNA type structures, but the stage must be set, for any type of complex life forms to develop, for mobility.



  • worlds such as your outer planets are too cold;
  • worlds such as your planet Venus are too hot;
  • worlds such as your planet Mars do contain enough water to support the development of life, which did develop but has now been frozen out;
  • moons such as Europa could support life in slow motion that would scarcely develop;
  • gaseous planets such as Saturn or Jupiter could support life if the chemical mix is such that DNA type structures can develop, the heavy atmosphere acting like a type of ocean


  • 像带外行星那样的世界太冷了;
  • 像你们金星那样的世界太热了;
  • 像你们的火星,确实含有足够的水来支持生命的发展,它也曾经发展出来过,但是现在已经被冰冻扫地出局了;
  • 像木卫二这样的卫星,可以支持动作缓慢且几乎不发展的生命;
  • 像土星或木星这种气态行星,如果那的化学混合物可以让DNA形式的结构得到发展,它们就可以支持生命,沉重的大气层就像是一种海洋。

However, within your Solar System, only the Earth currently supports complex life, with ample water and heat from a molten core and the right amount of sunlight from a moderate sized sun. Both Mars and Venus and a number of planets formerly in the Asteroid Belt supported life in the past. The Asteroid Belt had water planets capable of developing complex life forms, but were dashed to pieces by the trash and Moons that accompanies the periodic passages of the 12th Planet. Your gaseous planets have a chemical mix that aborts, rather than supports the building of DNA type structures. And the 12th Planet, also a member of your Solar System, has a slow and very controlled explosive process that supplies it with its own heat and light, which emerges through deep rifts in the oceans and scatters in the atmosphere to form a diffuse light around this traveling planet.


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