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Annunaki Traces


Searching for a route by which to climb into Nepal from India, when the Pole Shift is upon the people there, a Pole Shift ning member noticed some glyphs on the Nepal hilltops. Per the Zetas, these were indeed Annunaki glyphs, to guide their landing shuttles in the past.


And when we were searching for safe location in the following co-ordinate (28°47'27.95"N, 83°44'20.78"E) we found interesting drawing which is like Nazca lines.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/21/2012: These are indeed glyphs placed in the past by the Annunaki as guidelines for their ships as they prepared to land on Earth. As we explained when similar glyphs were discovered in the salt marshes of New Jersey, between the time when ships landed to transport gold back to the home planet and the next landing, there would be a pole shift, and clues as to the new geography were often needed. These Nepal glyphs include an older symbol and one newly laid. Note that the Eternity Symbol, the Figure 8, appears in both the Nepal and the New Jersey cluster. As one of the highest places on Earth, the Himalayas could be expected to be coded with basic direction guides, carved deeply into the rock where it would be unlikely to erode.
These were apparently previously undiscovered glyphs, as I could find no reference to them during an Internet search. Per the Zetas, there are many places on the globe with these guiding glyphs. In 2010 some glyphs were discovered in a New Jersey salt marsh, the infinity glyph common to both.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/16/2010: As with the Nazca, Peru hieroglyphs, these designs in New Jersey were meant to be seen from the sky. The hieroglyphs in Peru are high desert and thus survived, while New Jersey has steadily lost elevation during past pole shifts. If the waters of the world were to recede, there would be many more such sites with hieroglyphs emerging. Their purpose was to guide the rocket ships that shuttled between Earth and the Annunaki home planet, Nibiru. The various places on Earth, with their various hieroglyphs, would aid the returning shuttles next time around to understand what part of the globe they were flying over.
齐塔人之声2010.10.16解释:类似于秘鲁的纳斯卡线条,新泽西的这些图案在天空中必须看得见。秘鲁的线条位于高原沙漠中因此保留下来,而新泽西在过去的极移期间海拔却在稳定地下降。如果地球的海水下降,会有更多出现这种图案的地点。它们是用来引导 在地球和annunaki的家园nibiru之间穿梭的火箭飞船 的。Annunaki要装卸在地球上开采的金矿,补给或是替换在地球上的矿工并补充物资,之后在他们的家园行星上等待着过境。所有这些都要在过境之前完成,极移之前的最后几周会给航天飞机带来麻烦。之后发生极移,地球的地理将会改变,之后在下次他们到来收集更多金矿之前还有很长一段时间。没有时间来画新的地图。地球上各处位置,画上不同的符号,将会帮助下次返回的航天飞机弄清楚他们飞到了地球的什么位置。

Discovering previously unknown Annunaki glyphs in Nepal is not the only Annunaki footprint recently discovered. Per this YouTube video, in 1982 an extremely tall man was photographed in Patagonia, estimated to be 9'8" tall, the incident published in Oiga magazine. This was followed by a recent video capture on May 8, 2011 of a tall man silhouetted against the sky, also estimated to be 9'8" tall. And apparently drawings made by the early European explorers depicted large people.


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0eu9ldGaWM

Per the Zetas, the Annunaki had sex slaves, and where most pregnancies resulted in death to the mother and the oversized babe, on occasion offspring resulted. David of the David and Goliath legend was an example. The tall thin appearance of these half-breeds in Patagonia fits the Annunaki appearance, also. Per the Zetas they are cautious and reclusive for a reason.


ZetaTalk Comment 2/4/2012: Where in one photo the head of the tall man dressed in white appeared to be orange, this is due to the color of the hybrid's skin, when tanned, not as brown as pure human skin. When this hybrid cluster encountered European explorers, they like the American Indians recognized a threat to their existence, though at first they greeted the explorers and were curious. They withdrew, and have kept themselves separate from strictly human society to avoid hostile reactions. From the time when pure blood Annunaki were in the vicinity, enslaving mankind for work in their mines, relations were not good between the Annunaki and their slaves. Rebellions occurred, when many Annunaki were injured and lost their lives, and these hybrids were aware of the legacy left to them. It became part of their culture to avoid contact with human society.


Wobble Worsens


Has the wobble changed its pattern? Where the US seems to be experiencing an early Spring, Alaska recorded its coldest temp ever. Europe has suddenly been plunged into cold weather where the Winter to date had seemed too mild to be believed.


Bitter Cold Records Broken in Alaska

January 30, 2012

Jim River, AK closed in on the all time record coldest temperature of -80°F set in 1971, which is not only the Alaska all-time record, but the record for the entire United States. While the continental USA has a mild winter and has set a number of high temperature records in the last week, Alaska and Canada have been suffering through some of the coldest temperatures on record during the last week.

Per the Zetas, this is not a changed wobble, but a worsened wobble. The old Figure 8 that was discernable by 2005 is still in place, though it shifted slightly to the east by 2009.


ZetaTalk Explanation 2/4/2012: The N Pole is pushed away when it comes over the horizon, when the noon Sun is centered over the Pacific. This regularly puts Alaska under colder air, with less sunlight, and thus the historically low temps there this January, 2012 as the wobble has gotten stronger. But by the time the Sun is positioned over India, the N Pole has swung during the Figure 8 so the globe tilts, and this tilt is visible in the weather maps from Asia. The tilt has forced the globe under the hot air closer to the Equator, warming the land along a discernable tilt demarcation line.
The next loop of the Figure 8 swings the globe so that the N Pole moves in the other direction, putting the globe again at a tilt but this time in the other direction. This tilt is discernable in weather maps of Europe, again along a diagonal line. Depending upon air pressure and temperature differences, the weather on either side of this diagonal line may be suddenly warm or suddenly cold. The diagonal line lingers to affect much of the US and Canada, but the Figure 8 changes at this point to be an up and down motion, pulling the geographic N Pole south so the US is experiencing a warmer than expected winter under a stronger Sun. Then the cycle repeats, with the magnetic N Pole of Earth pushed violently away again as the Sun is positioned over the Pacific.

And just as the Costa Concordia in Italy was an accident caused by the wobble, pushing the globe southward suddenly under the cruise ship floating just south of the rock, a similar accident occurred on the other side of the globe in Korea.


Five Killed as Explosion Tears Ship Apart off Korean Coast

January 15, 2012

A 4191-tonne freight vessel carrying oil exploded on Sunday morning in the Yellow Sea off South Korea's port city of Incheon. Five crew members of the total of 11 Koreans and five Burmese have been killed, while six others are missing. According to South Korean Coast Guard, the incident happened three miles north of Jawol Island around 8 am.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/4/2012: At 8:00 am in South Korea, the Sun is high over the Pacific, just the location for the strong polar push of the wobble, sending the emerging magnetic N Pole of Earth back over the horizon. This is the time when the globe is shoved north in the Pacific Rim, which would indeed cause the undersea landscape just 3 miles north of Jawol Island to shove under and tear apart the oil tanker. This is of course the same global push that occurred in Italy to the Contra Concordia, when the undersea landscape moved suddenly south on that side of the globe to gash its side, late in the evening. On opposite sides of the globe, on opposite sides of the clock, both victims of the same global wobble.



Photo Confirmation


On February 4, 2011 two individuals, in different countries, who are not acquainted with each other, captured Planet X on film, finding it at the same location - the 6 o'clock position. Note that Alberto has also captured twin Moon Swirls, appearing as Monsters. This happens when light rays spreading outward are captured by Earth's gravity and bent back toward the Earth, making the object appear larger than it is in reality.

两个 在不同国家的,互相之间互不了解的人,在2011.2.4分别拍摄到了X星的影像,发现X星都处在同样的位置----6点钟方向。注意到Alberto还拍摄到了卫星漩涡,像怪物一般地出现。这是当四射的光线被地球的引力捕获并向地球弯曲,使得物体看上去比实际的要大。

The photos were snapped when the Earth wobble creates a slant for both Europe and the eastern US that Planet X would swing to the 6 o'clock position to where normally appears in the 4 o'clock position for the Northern Hemisphere.

当拍摄照片时 地球抖动造成了欧洲和美国东部的倾斜 时,对于北半球的人们,X星会从正常的4点钟方向旋转到6点钟方向

ZetaTalk Comment 2/11/2012: Has Planet X changed position, that it is now appearing at the 6 o'clock position for Europe and the eastern US? This is due to the tilt of the wobble, putting the viewer at a different angle than when Planet X was predominantly viewed at the 4 o'clock position. But visibility seems to have been remarkably improved! The issue of the continuing cover-up over the presence of Planet X has been brought repeatedly before the Council of Worlds, which wants a balance on Earth so that young souls can weight the reality of their and other's situations. If life is not rosy, but is being portrayed that way, then those who are leaning toward becoming Service-to-Other become complacent, rather than taking action. It is taking action that develops the young soul, so it is taking action that is desired. Thus a decision was made to allow more visibility of Planet X, aka Nibiru, not only on film but also naked eye during the day, to shatter the cover-up over the presence of Planet X. Expect more of this!


Australia Awash Again


At the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios, the Indo-Australian Plate rose on the eastern end, allowing the Sunda Plate to slip under the curve beneath Sumatra and Java. This caused horrific flooding in eastern Australia as waters from the Coral Sea sought to seek its level, backwashing up the rivers in Australia that drain into the Coral Sea. This was reported on January 2, 2011 in Issue 218 of this newsletter, when rivers draining the coastline on Queensland above Brisbane were backwashing. And again on January 12, 2011 in Issue 222 when the floodwaters were not draining but sloshing about in a tsunami fashion. And again on January 30, 2011 in Issue 226 when the "inland sea", unable to drain toward the east, headed south to drain at Melbourne. Now the term "inland sea" has returned as the plate once again is aggressively tilting, this time pouring water into New South Wales from the Tasman Sea as well as into Queensland from the Coral Sea.


Floods Create 'Inland Sea' in Australia

February 4, 2012

The floods come just over a year after massive floods deluged much of Queensland and northern New South Wales, swamping mines and farmland, wiping out entire hamlets and bringing the city of Brisbane to a watery standstill.


Emergency Services Stretched by Flooding

February 4, 2012

Australia's flood crisis deepened Saturday as authorities braced for waters to peak in Queensland.


Towns Brace for Lingering Crisis

February 05, 2012

Much of north-western NSW is underwater, with 16,500 of its people isolated. The State Emergency Service is working overtime to limit the damage, but water from the bulging Namoi and Darling rivers is expected to be topped up by Queensland floodwaters and could reach as far as Bourke by next month. Towns including Moree, Narrabri and Gunnedah are still reeling from the damage caused by floods last year, and now they face a repeat of that crisis.

As proof that the plate is rising on the eastern end is data from buoy 55012 in the Coral Sea. When a graph is produced reflecting the entire year of 2011, one can see a steady drop in the depth of water from the buoy to the sea floor. This is the sea floor rising, the plate rising! The Zetas called the Indo-Australian Plate the "brake" holding plate adjustments elsewhere back. When this brake lifts, allowing the eastern end of the Indo-Australian Plate to lift and driving India further under the Himalayas, other plate adjustments follow. The 7 of 10 scenarios describe this domino effect. There were quakes along this brake on February 4, 2012, as noted in the IRIS chart above, and look what happened on February 6, 2012! The Sunda and Philippine plates are immediately affected. The point where the Philippine Plate is folding against Luzon Island is being hammered. And buoys are on alert from one end of the Pacific to the other - 55012 on the lifting Coral Sea, 52405 on the tilting and folding Philippine Plate, and 32401 off coast from Chile where the S American roll is in process.


Contactee Battleground


From the decision not to reveal the truth about the alien presence (made at the time of the Roswell crash) through the years of the Blue Book denial campaign, up until the recent years (when most alien films depict aliens determined to eat or colonize mankind) there has been a battle for the minds and hearts of the common man. The establishment wants the common man to fear and avoid the visitors. But the visitors are responding to the Call, where each contactee learns the truth about many things by becoming a contactee. Who has won this battle? For starters, lets look at the counts.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/4/2012: Have the number of contactees increased since 1998, when we last gave a count of 12,000? The numbers are now approaching a billion, to include almost every reincarnating soul sparked on Earth. Why the massive uptick in contactee status? A combination of geological changes, erratic weather, and mass UFO sightings carried in the media as well as recorded for the Internet. The ground is trembling, rattling windows, and lately moaning and signing. Sinkholes and crevasses open up, weather extremes from drought to deluge with all the worry that crop shortages are bringing around the world coming into homes everywhere in the form of food shortages and high prices. The Call is nothing more than a longing for answers, and is answered promptly! Where does this put the establishment in their war against the alien presence, their attempts to dissuade the public from alien contact with scare tactics? The establishment has lost the battle, but is not yet aware of the extent of this loss. Slow learners, and insulated in their smoke filled rooms, the Transformation roars past them and into the future.
齐塔人之声2012.2.4评论:从1998年我们上次给出12000这个数目以来,被接触者的数量是否上升了?这个数字现在接近于十亿,包含了几乎所有地球上已经点燃了的化身的灵魂。为什么被接触者的情况出现了大面积抬升?一系列因素包括了地理变化,古怪的天气,还有大规模UFO目击事件不仅出现在媒体中还被记录在网络上。土地正在颤抖,窗户咔啦咔啦作响,还有最近的呻吟与歌声。土地出现了天坑和地裂,从干旱到洪涝的极端天气伴随着所有人都在担心世界范围的作物减产以食物短缺涨价的形式进入到了每个人的家中。呼唤 无非就是渴望得到答案,并且马上就会得到回复。这在权势集团针对外星人的存在的战争,他们想要利用恐吓战术劝阻公众接触外星人的企图 中将权势集团放在了什么位置?权势集团已经输掉了战争,但是还没意识到损失的程度。他们学习迟钝,并且把自己关在烟雾缭绕的小屋里, 地球的转化过程 咆哮着走过他们,走向了未来。

That explains the massive number of visitors in Earth's vicinity. If 12,000 humans were contactees in 1998, then why this massive number of entities waiting about at that time, in 1998?

ZetaTalk Comment 11/15/1998: How many aliens are visiting Earth at this time? On a ration of one visitor to one human on Earth, we are perhaps present in the environment, in one form or another, at close to a two to one ratio. (没太看懂。。。)
There is nothing like personal contact, with that one-on-one counseling about whatever is the gripping concern of the day, to supplant the latest scary alien movie's lingering effect. "Are aliens here to eat us? Well, the one who came to visit last night wasn't like that!"
ZetaTalk Comment 2/4/2012: Spielberg led with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), which showed the establishment unable to prevent contact and showed benign aliens. But this was quickly followed by the Alien series (1979 O'Bannon) which painted a different picture of aliens, and where human military units always gain the upper hand. Spielberg countered with ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), again showing the establishment unable to prevent contact, and aliens benign and adorable. Then followed a spate of movies compatible with the establishment agenda.
Stargate (1994 Emmerich) where the US military thwarts a potential invasion by the pedophile alien Ra. Independence Day 4 (1996 Emmerich) where a Bush-like president zooms into the invasion mothership to personally blow it up. Signs (2002 Mel Gibson) where crop circles are used to guide acid shooting aliens and Christian faith is reborn. Spielberg agreed to produce War of the Worlds (2005) with the storyline that aliens are scary, are here to eat mankind and colonize the Earth, but the film showed the military impotent against alien technology, which succumbed to Earth germs rather than firepower. And this was followed by Avatar (2009 Cameron) where humans are more technologically advanced than the alien race.

There is a clear pattern. The message should be that the US military is superior, that contact with aliens is dangerous, and that the public should rely upon and follow what their governments tell them in these matters. Spielberg may not be getting funding these days, but his legacy was put in place before the current frantic effort to paint aliens in a bad light. He won.

这里有个很清晰的模式。那些描绘了权势集团想要公众看到的景象的制片人们获得了奖励。传达的信息应该是 美军是强大的,与外星人接触是危险的,还有公众应该信赖并跟随他们的政府所说的。因此有谣传说美军拥有来自于坠毁的宇宙飞船的外星技术。就此而论,当大规模目击事件无法被解释时,对美军有利,它们被忽视了。斯皮尔伯格现在可能无法筹集资金,但是在当前疯狂地抹黑外星人之前,他就已经留下了宝贵的作品。他才是赢家。

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