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Half-Time Commercials


Are subtle, or subliminal warnings about the coming Pole Shift included in the recent half-time commercials? 2012 was hyped by the establishment as the year the Mayan Calendar was supposed to end, the year of the Apocalypse, so such references would be allowed. But look at what's included! In the Chevy commercial there is devastation, what looks like a space ship having crashed and volcanic dust everywhere. A Chevy truck emerges from under the litter and takes off to meet other survivors in Chevy trucks. One asks "where's Dave". The answer is that he was driving a Ford, so did not make it. The song in the background "looks like we made it" implying survival in cities. Then voice over says "from the beginning of your work day to the end of the world" as it begins raining frogs.


Interesting commercial from last nights Superbowl. The subtle little hints are on the rise for sure.


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxFYYP8040A

(图中:2012 mayan apocalypse 2012玛雅启示录)

Then there is the Clint Eastwood commercial for Chrysler.


Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Ad Parodied

克林特伊斯特伍德超级碗广告恶搞(或者是 模仿拙劣)
February 7, 2012

Eastwood's Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler, dubbed "It's Halftime in America," has become controversial because it appears to support auto-industry bailouts and, some say, the reelection of President Obama.

Taken to be alluding to Obama's re-election, there is also the obvious symbolism in references to Second Sun sightings.


This two-minute video aired at halftime during the Superbowl and has stirred surprising controversy. Aside from being voted the most popular Superbowl ad (67% per MSNBC poll) and aired before an optimally immense and captive viewing audience, it also shows a remarkable number of views that include the Sun. Just as Eastwood is saying "when division, discord and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead". At 1:35, there's even a special animated effect depicting an orb falling away from the Sun. Given the somber tone of the video, could it be a subliminal attempt to warn the American public of the impending hardships soon to be visited by the New Madrid adjustment and the pending passage?



VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PE5V4Uzobc

And during the same time period, a Saturday Night Live skit spoofing Gingrich's proposed Moon colony showed a reference to the 7 of 10 scenarios, which start in Indonesia!


A veiled Saturday Night Live skit, using humor to veil the Pole Shift upcoming disasters, is about as mainstream a media message as is allowed at this point.(没看懂) For a Pole Shift/disaster related, though humorous skit, just watch the first skit (about 5 minutes long). Notice the huge crack in the earth between Australia and Indonesia, as Earth is in the skit's background window from the view of Newt's moon colony. At the end of the skit, notice the earth blows up at the Australia/Indonesia crack point.


VIDEO: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/05/snl-newt-gingrich-moon-colony

The Zetas recently hinted that there would be more pointed messages. When Obama focused on the I-35 Mississippi bridge collapse they predicted that we would see more such hints.


ZetaTalk Prediction 9/17/2011: What made Obama chose the 2007 collapse of the Minneapolis bridge on I-35 as his example of infrastructure needing to be repaired? This was of course a dramatic incident, with the bridge flinging to one side and folding in waves against that side. Clearly there was tension, the Mississippi pulling apart at that point. This is also an incident that got a lot of attention on the Internet for a ZetaTalk prediction come true. We had predicted Mississippi bridges ripping during the New Madrid, and this was the first example of this prediction culminating. Curious minds, entering the date and place into search engines, would arrive at the ZetaTalk predictions. Is this Obama's way of leaking the truth? Yes, and just the start of such maneuvers.


Wobble Figure


The Earth wobble can be demonstrated in many ways, from the location of the Sun at sunrise or sunset, weather maps showing distribution of heat or cold in accordance with the wobble pattern, and on occasion a weather satellite image showing cloud formations jumping backwards or suddenly changing direction. But when looking at the big picture, a satellite image of the whole globe taken over a 24 hour period, cloud activity even shows the Figure 8 pattern of the wobble. Watch the animation on this Pole Shift ning blog to see the Figure 8 wobble emerge, undeniably.


ANIMATION(动画): http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/proof-of-the-earth-wobble

The hourly snapshots used to make the animation were taken from the FY-2D, a geostationary satellite, launched and operated by China's National Satellite Meteorological Centre. A geostationary satellite is essentially pinned to a spot on the Earth, traveling with that spot during rotation or any wobble motion, so the land plates remain static in these images. But the wobble can be detected by the motion of the clouds! As the Earth is rotated, clouds move from east to west and roll away from the Equator in circles, the Coriolis Effect. But notice how the Figure 8 swings from one side to the other so the clouds first pull to the east at the top of the globe above India, then suddenly switch to pull to the west! This is the tilt to the East, then the tilt to the west, in action.


The up/down motion of the Figure 8 can be detected at the right side of the globe, over Indonesia. First the clouds are drifting up and to the East, then reverse to move down.


The east African coastline shows the Figure 8 swing from yet another side, as the clouds first drift up and to the east, then stall and move down.


ZetaTalk Figure 8 Description 1/2/2005: Planet X began swinging its N. Pole around, in place, pointing it toward the Earth such that the N. Pole of Earth was repulsed and swung away in a Figure 8 pattern, a pattern dictated by where the magnetic N. Pole of Earth was positioned during the 24 hour rotation of Earth - at times vulnerable, at times hidden behind the curve of the Earth.


Philippines Hammering


Just as the Sunda Plate is steadily sinking during the 7 of 10 scenarios, the Mariana and Philippine plates are also steadily tilting and folding beneath their respective plates to the west. The Mariana Trench is also predicted to collapse, snapping shut. Does tilting and pushing the Philippine Plate under the Philippine Islands create trauma in the Philippine Islands? Certainly the synchronicity of buoy 52402 on alert and the hammering earthquakes in the Negros-Cebu region between February 6-8, 2012 in the Philippine Islands would show that it does.

正如在第七阶段期间巽他板块正稳定地下沉那样,马里亚纳和菲律宾板块同样正稳定地倾斜并分别折叠到自己板块西面的板块的下方。马里亚纳海沟也被预测将会倒塌,猛地关上。菲律宾板块倾斜并被推向菲律宾群岛下方是否造成了菲律宾群岛的海啸?当然 52402号浮标的报警 与 菲律宾群岛的内格罗斯—宿务地区在2012.2.6-8期间的地震锤击 的同时发生显示了确实是这样。

Negros Oriental 6.9 Earthquake Photos & Videos

February 6, 2012

In terms of damages to properties there are at least 8 bridges were damaged, 3 were not passable.


08-FEB-2012 01:53:01 4.9 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

08-FEB-2012 00:41:03 5.2 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

07-FEB-2012 21:59:12 5.0 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

07-FEB-2012 20:37:44 5.3 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

07-FEB-2012 14:20:50 4.6 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

07-FEB-2012 13:08:05 4.8 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

07-FEB-2012 04:05:38 4.9 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

06-FEB-2012 23:47:15 4.8 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

06-FEB-2012 22:35:13 4.6 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

06-FEB-2012 11:40:19 5.3 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

06-FEB-2012 11:33:37 6.0 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

06-FEB-2012 10:10:24 6.2 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

06-FEB-2012 04:20:00 5.7 Cebu, Philippine Islands        宿务

06-FEB-2012 04:03:24 4.8 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

06-FEB-2012 03:49:16 6.8 Negros, Philippine Islands        内格罗斯

Since the Philippine and Mariana plates, and the Mariana Trench, have irregular edges and curves, how does the folding and tilting process work? Its not a simple process, as the Zetas explain.


ZetaTalk Comment 2/11/2012: What does it mean for the Mariana and Philippine plates to tilt and fold? The plates are unevenly shaped. Is there evenly spaced subduction on the western edges, or are there points where more or less pressure is applied? Having the Marian Trench collapse is an easy concept to understand, as this is like a clam snapping shut, a simple shuffle of the undersea land to the west. Even though the trench is not a straight line, curving toward the west as it curves southward, it would seem that moving the entire Pacific plate east of the trench a bit to the west would simply close the trench.
The islands dotting the eastern side of the Mariana Plate find water heaping on occasion during this process, which the buoys lately have shown is occurring. While the Mariana Plate may have its angle of slope toward the west somewhat altered, this is excused by the populace on the Mariana Islands as the tides are washing their shores, and tides can be erratic. The eastern edge of the Philippine Plate, which is merely an undersea ridge, also gives little evidence that the angle of drop toward the west, the slope, has increased.
But the western edge of the Philippine Plate abuts the land masses of the Philippine Islands, and during the folding process must drop, and subduct, to accommodate the compressing Pacific. This forces the Philippine Plate under Taiwan, under the island of Luzon, and under most of the other Philippine Islands. Taiwan and Luzon are assumed by man to be residing on the Philippine Plate, but as we have explained they cling to the plates to their west, and do not sink while the Philippine Plate tilts and folds.

但是 菲律宾板块的西部边缘 邻接 菲律宾群岛所在的大陆块 ,在折叠过程期间一定会下沉,下落以适应太平洋的压缩。这迫使菲律宾板块插入台湾下方,插入吕宋岛下方,插入大部分菲律宾其他群岛下方。人类认为台湾和吕宋岛属于菲律宾板块,但是正如我们解释的,它们依附在它们西部的板块上,而且在菲律宾板块的倾斜和折叠期间并不会下沉。


Wiki's Shame


If one goes into Wikipedia looking for either Nancy Lieder or ZetaTalk, they are directed to this single page on a Nibiru Collision. This article has so many errors, and so many major omissions, that one hardly knows where to start. ZetaTalk has been famous for 15 years, and I have frequently heard about this Wiki article by those horrified by the disinformation. Yet Wiki refuses to change a word of it. There is a program, a bot running on this page that prevents any changes! And pleas to the editors are refused. This has also happened to Lloyd Pye of the Star Child project. Clearly, this is Wiki's shame. Here are just a few points, demonstrating how very owned they are by the establishment.

如果你去喂鸡百科查一下任何关于Nancy Lieder或是齐塔人之声的信息,都会被指向这个网页尼必汝大冲撞。这篇文章的疏忽以及错误如此之多,以至于你很难知晓从哪里开始。齐塔人之声已经闻名于世15年了,而且我经常听那些惊骇于这些虚假信息的人说起喂鸡的内容。然而喂鸡拒绝修改任何一个词。有一个程序,一个网页机器人会阻止任何修改!而且对编辑的请求也被拒绝了。同样的事情也发生于星孩工程的劳埃德派伊身上。很明显,这是喂鸡的耻辱。下面只是随便几点证明喂鸡是怎样被权势集团捏在手心的。

  1. Its not a collision. It's a passage. Wiki states in their Nibiru Collision article "The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk." And further, in referring to the ZetaTalk prediction, "The predicted collision …". If that's the case, and this whole article is founded on what Nancy Lieder said in 1995, then it should say Nibiru passage not collision. This proves that the article was authored by the cover-up, with deception and disinformation as the goal. Wiki has allowed this to continue. This is Wiki's shame. Only the weak cooperate with a cover-up by promoting a deception.

    并不是碰撞,而是过境。喂鸡在他们的"尼必汝大冲撞"文章中声称"这个想法由齐塔人之声的创建者Nancy Lieder在1995年第一次提出来"。还有关于齐塔人之声的预测的,"预测的碰撞……"如果事情真是这样的,而且这篇文章都是基于Nancy Lieder在1995年所说的,那么就应该说是nibiru过境而不是碰撞。这证明了文章是在掩盖活动的授意下撰写的,欺骗和散步假消息就是目的。喂鸡允许这种情况继续。这是喂鸡的耻辱。帮助这种欺骗只是与掩盖活动小小的合作。

  2. The Wiki article focuses on minutia, missing the big picture entirely. ZetaTalk provided the coordinates for the inbound Nibiru, aka Planet X complex, and in March, 2003 the planet arrived in the inner solar system almost precisely where it had been predicted to arrive in 1997. Planet X has since been showing up on the SOHO images, despite all editing attempts by NASA to eliminate the evidence, and been twisting the Earth's magnetosphere regularly, at times when the Sun has been too quiescent to be blamed. Is this not significant? Does this not deserve at least a mention? But Wiki prefers to devote space to a 2003 dead dog issue, stating "roughly a week before the supposed arrival of Planet X, Lieder appeared on KROQ-FM radio in Los Angeles, and advised listeners to put their pets down in anticipation of the event. When asked if she had done so, she replied that she had, and that 'the puppies are in a happy place.' She also advised that 'a dog makes a good meal'.[9]" In this focus on trivia, Wiki fails to mention that on occasion Nancy Lieder has toe jam. I'm sure this is relevant somehow. Lets get our priorities straight.

    喂鸡的文章净写些琐事,完全错过了全景。齐塔人之声提供了入境的尼必汝,又名X星复合体的坐标,而且2003年3月X星几乎与1997年预测的位置分毫不差地到达内太阳系。从那以后X星就出现在了SOHO图像上----尽管NASA使尽浑身解数清除掉证据----而且定期地使地球磁场扭曲,而此时的太阳太过于平静无法当做替罪羊。这难道不引人注意吗?这难道甚至都不值一提?但是喂鸡宁愿拿出空地来谈论关于2003年死狗的问题,说"大约在假定的X星到来时间的一周前,Lieder出现在洛杉矶的KROQ-FM广播中,并建议听众杀掉他们的宠物,迎接预期的事件。当被问及她是否如此做了时,她回答说是的,还说'宠物现在在一个快乐的地方'她还建议说'狗肉是一顿美餐'。"全是鸡毛蒜皮的小事,喂鸡你还忘记说了,Nancy Lieder偶尔还会有脚趾垢。我确定这其中有些关联。那也应该有个先后顺序吧?

  3. Wiki states that the ZetaTalk website only reached fame as a result of Mark Hazelwood's plagarism, stating "Lieder's Planet X idea first spread beyond her website in 2001, when Mark Hazlewood, a former member of the ZetaTalk community, took her ideas and published them in a book: Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003." Nancy Lieder had a book published years earlier, and Mark Hazelwood has completely faded from view despite a 2002 interview on C2C to promote his book. But was that the first? Nancy Lieder and the ZetaTalk predictions were included in the C2C magazine, After Dark, in April of 2001. She was on with Art Bell on June 11, 2002. And again with George Noory on November 25, 2002. In the After Dark magazine again in January, 2003. And again on C2C with George Noory on April 25, 2003 and May 13, 2003 and numerous times since. Yet none of that gets a mention in the Wiki article! The fame of ZetaTalk was due to Mark Hazelwood? Get real, Wiki, and stop slavishly serving those who want to diminish the ZetaTalk message.

    喂鸡声称齐塔人之声会出名完全是因为Mark Hazelwood的抄袭。说"Lieder的X星的想法在2001年第一次传播到了网站之外,当时一名原齐塔人之声团体成员Mark Hazlewood,偷走了她的点子并将其出版在一本书《死路一条:X星在2003年过境》中。" Nancy Lieder在这之前几年就已经出版了一本书,而且Mark Hazelwood已经完全销声匿迹了尽管在2002年C2CZ中还推销了一下他的书。但那时第一次吗?在2001.4,Nancy Lieder和齐塔人之声的预测被包含在C2C杂志中,黄昏之后中。在2002.6.11与Art Bell一起直播.于2002.11.25再次与George Noory直播。2003.4.25再次登上黄昏之后杂志。2003.4.25和5.13再次与George Noory在C2C直播还有从那以后的许多次。然而这些喂鸡百科一个都没提到过!齐塔人之声的名声是Mark Hazelwood带来的?现实点吧,喂鸡,别再像奴隶一般地侍奉那些想要贬低齐塔人之声的人了。

  4. ZetaTalk accuracy doesn't even get a mention! Can Wiki claim ignorance? ZetaTalk Accuracy is conveniently detailed on YouTube vids Part1 and Part2 and close to 200 instances detailed on the ZetaTalk website. Many instances document where the Zetas described a scientific process prior to human scientists admitting or understanding or discovering this process. For instance, on the nature of Brown Dwarf planets, Cell Evolution, Deflecting Asteroids (likely plagarizing the Zeta argument which had been used during the sci.astro debates on the issue), Faster than Light particle flow (a recent and stunning revelation during CERN), Magnetic Trimesters, Anti-Gravity Force, and Solar Reversals. Zetas right again!

    齐塔人之声预测的精确度甚至提都没提起过!喂鸡你能不能直接说你什么都不知道?齐塔人之声的精确度在有图比视频 第一部分 和 第二部分 中有恰当的详细描述,还有齐塔人之声网站上将近200个详细例子。在很多备案的实例中齐塔人描述了某个科学过程之后人类科学家才承认或是理解或是发现这个过程。比如说,在关于棕矮星,细胞演化,打偏小行星(在这个问题上很可能抄袭了在科学天文学辩论上齐塔人的论据),快过光速的粒子流(最近欧洲核子研究委员会极好地揭示了这件事),磁场三月期,反重力,还有太阳极移。齐塔人又说对了!

  5. Wiki fails to mention that governments of the world appear to be rapt followers of the ZetaTalk message. China's Ghost Cities which are inland away from the coast and in the northern sections of China, not close to India which will become the new S Pole. Then there is Obama's Executive Order 13575, issued on June 9, 2011 and describing the rural infrastructure requirements needed by hoards of refugees from the disasters described by the Zetas. Just a year earlier, the telepathic Zeta described this very same plan as one likely to be formulated by Obama. And Abu Dhabi rushing from their sinking country to the Queensland coastline which per ZetaTalk will gain elevation as a result of the Pole Shift.


  6. There is also scant mention in the Wiki article about NASA and JPL seemingly obsessed with ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder, mentioning her and only her by name in interviews by Dick Morison and Don Yeomans. Why the threat if there is nothing to the predictions and the accuracy? Instead Wiki devotes a full paragraph at the top of their article to the defunct Hale-Bopp issue. "Lieder first came to public attention on Internet newsgroups during the build-up to Comet Hale-Bopp's 1997 perihelion. She stated, speaking as the Zetas, that 'The Hale-Bopp comet does not exist. It is a fraud, perpetrated by those who would have the teeming masses quiescent until it is too late." This was entirely taken out of context, and the full history of Zeta statements on Hale-Bopp show the ESO observatory backed what the Zetas were saying about the early claims on comet emissions in 1995.

    喂鸡也没怎么提NASA和JPL似乎十分着迷于齐塔人之声和Nancy Lieder,在迪克莫里森的访谈和佟姚曼斯的访谈中都指名道姓地提到她,而且只提了她一个人。如果我们的预测和精确度什么都不是,为什么会被当成是威胁?相反喂鸡在文章的顶部拿出一整段来说根本不存在的海尔波普的问题。"Lieder第一次在网络新闻组中获得公众的关注是在1997年海尔波普彗星近日点期间。作为齐塔人的代言,她说,'海尔波普彗星不存在。那是个骗局,是那些想让公众保持沉默直到一切都太迟了的人策划的。'"这都是原文,而且齐塔人之声关于海尔波普的声明的完整历史显示了欧洲南方天文台支持齐塔人1995年关于彗星排放物的早期声明。

Since Wiki insists on retaining its falsehoods about Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk, its trivia focus and outright errors, let it stand as a monument to the intimidation of the cover-up. Just look at what timid editors without backbone or integrity will do!

既然喂鸡坚持保留关于Nancy Lieder和齐塔人之声的谎言,他所关注的琐事还有彻底的错误,那么就把它当做掩盖活动的威胁的一座纪念碑。看看没有决心和诚信的胆小的编纂者能干什么!

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/23/2010: Despite the fact that the establishment targeted ZetaTalk and promoted others who supported the establishment lines, ZetaTalk is the source that is respected and sought. A great deal of this acclaim is due to the accuracy of the ZetaTalk statements, the proven validity of the predictions, and the great consistency throughout the vast body of ZetaTalk, which does not contradict itself. ZetaTalk has explained scientific concepts, and when contradicting mankind's precepts, been proven correct in time.









Reply by Kris H

@Ainos: This type of question comes up periodically. "What is the point of trying to struggle to survive through such hardships?" The answer is a question. Is life only worth living when it is easy? Do not fear the coming changes, prepare for them! The way to alleviate anxiety and fear over what's coming is to occupy yourself with preparations. How much better would you feel if you knew how to garden plants in low light and damp conditions? Or maybe fishing, or trapping small game? Or if you had a small set of supplies? Do these things while you can. You will feel better, and will have some advantages for the Aftertime.

这类问题经常会出现。"在(极移之后)这么艰苦的环境下,挣扎求生还有什么意思呢?"我用一个问题来回答你。难道人生只有在舒适的时候才值得过活吗?不要害怕即将到来的改变,去做出准备!减轻对 即将到来的灾难 的焦虑和恐惧的办法就是 动起手来准备 。如果你已经知道了怎样在低光照,潮湿的环境下种植作物,你是不是会感觉更好一些?或者试试捕鱼,或者捕些小猎物?或者你多多少少储备物资了吗?尽可能地做些这种事。你会感觉好一些,在极移之后也会有些优势。





前面那个 打偏小行星 大概是这样的(我没仔细看):齐塔人1996年说用核武器打偏小行星是不可能的,1998年科学家建模,证实上述说法,"在这个问题上很可能抄袭了在科学天文学辩论上齐塔人的论据"是指科学家可能是按照在sci.astro debates中齐塔人的思路来证明此事的。据说当时的那些辩论很精彩,nancy舌战群儒,说得那些砖家都没话说。而且光速不是速度上限好像也是在辩论期间齐塔人说的,直到去年才证明是对的。



我顺便问了下杀死宠物的问题,还有那个toe jam没看懂,网友的回答是:

Nancy's reference to 'toe jam' is basically her joking that the Wikipaedia article is focusing so much on stupid trivia about her that it's surprising they don't mention she has toe jam, which is just slang for getting fluff stuck between your toes. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=toe+jam)

Nancy说的toe jam主要是她在开喂鸡百科的玩笑说里面的文章关注那些关于他的愚蠢的琐事太多了以至于让她惊讶居然没提到她有toe jam,这个俚语是指脚趾之间的污垢。

There are many links I'm sure all over the place regarding the 'killing your pets' whole debacle (but I can't find a good one atm) The debunkers kept bringing it up for so long previously on sites like Godlikeproductions as it was so easy to twist what Nancy said to make her look like she was telling everyone to go out and kill their pets.


Basically what happened was, before the 2003 date (and the whole white lie thing obviously), Nancy was asked, during a radio interview I think, what people should do about their pets in regard to the pole shift, which at the time was believed to be just around the corner.  


Understandably, she advised that putting your pets down before the shift was the kindest thing for them, as in the aftertime, food would in such scarce supply that feeding your pets would not be a realistic expectation when you cannot feed yourself and either they would starve, which would not be a pleasant experience for them, or they would be killed for food themselves.


Add to that, when Nancy was asked about what she did with her dog, she told them that she had had it put down - what the debunkers failed to mention when calling Nancy a 'puppy killer' is that in her case, having her dog put down had little if anything to do with the pole shift at all; she had a large german shepherd dog (if memory serves me correctly) which was so under socialized as a pup that it was a danger to other people so it was only a matter of time until it attacked someone else, despite the fact that with Nancy herself the dog was a perfectly normal and loving pet.  I remember her telling the story of how it almost seemed on one occasion as if it was going to jump through a window to get at/attack someone so putting him/her down was the sensible thing to do.


Because of this, the 'dead dog' label followed Nancy for quite a while, and if the main poleshift discussion was not on this ning where such things are obviously not tolerated, I have no doubt that Nancy's detracters would still be calling her the 'puppy killer' today!


Hence why the mention of it on the Wikipaedia article shows how out of touch they are and how they are focusing on such trivial things - so why not say that Nancy has toe jam as that's just as irrelevant! :-)



hope this explains it. 


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