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It appears that Obama is paying a lot of attentions to old bridges in America. As per Zeta's 7/10 scenario, bridges will collapse. Is obama being proactive and taking preemptive measures so that government agencies would regularly check and inspect all bridges hoping that the damages and life losses could be minimized when disasters strike i.e. close down the bridges as soon as they find cracks developing? [and from another] Hurry-Up on Tappan Zee Shows Focus on Risk From 18,000 Bridges [Jan 28] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-26/hurry-up-on-tappan-zee-shows-growing-focus-on-risk-from-18-000-old-bridges.html Their fracture-critical nature means they don't give any warning at the point of collapse. It is sudden and catastrophic. The Minneapolis I-35W bridge, a fracture-critical design, collapsed without warning in August 2007, killing 13 people and injuring 145 others. [and from another] Southwestern Kentucky a bridge was partially collapsed due to a cargo ship hitting it. You can read the article at, http://www.wlky.com/news/30319986/detail.html. This ship has passed under the same bridge for ten years. Now why all the sudden does the ship take out part of the bridge when going underneath it? Did the river bed rise? Was the New Mradrid adjusting? What is the real reason behind this?

The Rena in New Zealand suddenly found the sea bottom less deep due to the rising edge of the Indo-Australia Plate. The Costa Concordia in Italy was thrown on rocks as the wobble moved the globe under the ship. Shipping disasters will be on the increase, and the effect of the Earth changes on rivers has not even been put into the equation as yet. Whether in stretch zones or subduction zones, river bottoms are subject to heaving or twisting, suddenly and with disastrous consequences for both the shipping industry and to bridges spanning the rivers.
We have warned that during the 7 of 10 New Madrid scenario, that most bridges crossing the Mississippi will be torn. Land to the west of the Mississippi is expected to drop, so that the river widens by 50 miles from the Illinois border south to the Gulf. Is Obama trying to prepare the populace for bridge failure? This is part of his reason for the press to inspect bridges, and repair them at this time. This campaign, and any press coverage following, are mentioning the Minneapolis crash on I-35, which a search engine quickly shows was a ZetaTalk prediction. This is another part of this agenda in this matter.
But primarily, Obama is clearly concerned about emergency teams being able to reach the needy, and about refugees being able to escape to camps or resettlement enclaves. The government of the US under Obama is also clearly planning to construct these, as Executive Order 13575 shows. This is not a political gambit, but just the concern of an executive who can easily envision a bridge suddenly dropping or thrown sideways, the injured and dying in crashed cars or even thrown into cold rivers, drowning. Orphans and painful recovery for the living. He is highly Service-to-Other, and agonizes over what he can do, from his position, to ease future pain. .

但是主要来讲,奥巴马很明显在担忧紧急救援队能否救援贫穷的人,和难民能否逃到营地或是重新安置的领地。奥巴马领导下的美国ZF同样正计划着建设这些,正如第13575号行政命令所显示的。这不是正是话题。而是来自于一名 很容易想象到当大桥突然倒塌或是侧摔时,人们在车祸中死伤甚至还有那些掉到冰冷的河水中淹死 的行政人员的关心。孤儿流离失所,生活的伤痛难以复原。他是高度服务他人的人,并且正烦恼于处在他的位置上,能够做什么来减轻未来的痛苦。

In which extent the occurrence of sounds from underground, like those strange sounds we have been listening through YouTube, which have been experienced all over the world, are an indication of a safe or non safe place? Does the absence of such sound indicate the place is safe, for instance, from mountain building? Does the tone, the pitch or the rhythm of the sound show that the surroundings may or may not be exposed to upheaval, or perhaps landslides, etc. I can imagine that some sounds are connected to a rocky terrain, while others may indicate a sedimentary type of soil, or maybe the presence of underground aquifers? Is this something the Zetas would like to comment on?

Earth tones indicate vibrating ground, and there are several reasons for the vibrations. Rock being pulled apart, such as in the stretch zone, or rock being bent where a plate is subject to a bending pressure, will vibrate. The reason for this is a tug and release interplay, where the rock will be pulled in a direction, some pulling apart or snapping will occur, and then there will be a rebound when the tension of the tug is eased. The vibration, and consequent tone, will continue as long as the tug and rebound are ongoing.
Some tones are due to vibrating water, but this is a reflection of the ground beneath the water vibrating. Some tones seem to come from the sky, but again, this is being produced by the vibrating ground beneath. Tones produced in subduction zones are more likely to be a quick snap, accompanying the jolt of an earthquake, or a booming sound. Sounds in Colorado, in the mountain building region, were booms, thus. Clapping can occur over land or water when heaving and sinking suddenly occur. What do Earth tones say about the safety of a region experiencing them?
Certainly a region experiencing Earth tones is undergoing tugging and compression in the rock, with all that accompanies this such as earthquakes, liquefaction, sinkholes, and twisting or heaving and sinking land. A region may be subject to this for a period of time, but find Earth tones easing as the drama moves elsewhere on the globe. Certainly, if Earth tones are not heard at all in a region, this speaks to the safety of the region. But it is also true that the drama may not have arrived as yet for this region. Africa seems free of tones at present, but during the 7 of 10 African roll will experience them.
There are many aspects to safety, which is always relative. Safety might mean being above the waves in the Aftertime, or at a distance from volcanoes that will explode and vent for some time. Safety might mean having a good climate in the Aftertime, with access to fresh water. Safety might mean not being in a region where the constant migration of starving refuges makes growing food impossible. Safety certainly means not being along a coastline subject to the Pole Shift sloshing, or the sloshing during the Severe Wobble. Earth tones do not, per se, indicate any of these factors, and should thus be the least of one's worries. .

安全有很多方面,而且安全总是相对的。安全可能意味着在极移之后位于海平面以上,或是离 将会爆发并喷发一阵子的火山 有相当一段距离。安全可能意味着在极移之后拥有一个适宜的气候,靠近可取用的淡水。安全可能意味着你并不在那些 源源不断的饥饿的难民移民大军使得种植粮食无法实现 的地区。安全当然意味着不在会遭受极移或是严重抖动期间的晃动冲刷的海岸线上。地球的呻吟,本身,并不会指出任何上述因素,因此应该是你最后考虑的。

Would the Zetas be willing to comment on how much this has changed since 1998? And especially, what about the members of this chat site? Would it be fair to presume that simply by our membership here and our continual seeking for more knowledge that, by now, most of us have become contactees?

Have the number of contactees increased since 1998, when we last gave a count of 12,000? The numbers are now approaching a billion, to include almost every reincarnating soul sparked on Earth, and a number of humans who have not yet sparked a soul. We are not including in this count any Star Children, as they are technically not termed contactees but rather peers. How and why did this rapid increase occur? We have stated in the past that the Earth was abuzz with attention, due to her Transformation, with several visitors (incarnated or not) in attendance for every reincarnating or potentially sparking soul on Earth. This was in preparation for this time, which those with experience in Transformations knew was coming.
Why the massive uptick in contactee status? A combination of geological changes, erratic weather, and mass UFO sightings carried in the media as well as recorded for the Internet. The ground is trembling, rattling windows, and lately moaning and signing. Sinkholes and crevasses open up, weather extremes from drought to deluge with all the worry that crop shortages are bringing around the world coming into homes everywhere in the form of food shortages and high prices. Then there is the economy, technically a depression but termed a recession, so that every household is touched by the lack of jobs and homelessness in friends and neighbors. The Call is nothing more than a longing for answers, and is answered promptly!
为什么被接触者的情况出现了大面积抬升?一系列因素包括了地理变化,古怪的天气,还有大规模UFO目击事件不仅出现在媒体中还被记录在网络上。土地正在颤抖,窗户咔啦咔啦作响,还有最近的呻吟与歌声。土地出现了天坑和地裂,从干旱到洪涝的极端天气伴随着所有人都在担心世界范围的作物减产以食物短缺涨价的形式进入到了每个人的家中。之后就是经济,技术上来说是萧条但只被说成是不太景气,以至于每个家庭都接触到了朋友和邻居的失业和无家可归。 呼唤 无非就是渴望得到答案,并且马上就会得到恢复。
Where does this put the establishment in their war against the alien presence, their attempts to dissuade the public from alien contact with scare tactics? The establishment has leaned on Hollywood to produce an endless stream of movies about aliens mass landing to colonize or infect or consume mankind. Contactees in the past were hounded, harassed, and those writing a book or producing a video on a positive note threatened. Lost is the Key, by Leah Haley who was threatened by the US military, and Whitley Strieber's reports of threats to rip his baby son's head off are known examples. The establishment has lost the battle, but is not yet aware of the extent of this loss. Slow learners, and insulated in their smoke filled rooms, the Transformation roars past them and into the future.

这在权势集团针对外星人的存在的战争,他们想要利用恐吓战术劝阻公众接触外星人的企图 中将权势集团放在了什么位置?权势集团依赖好莱坞制造了无穷无尽的关于外星人大规模登陆以殖民或感染或消耗人类的电影。在过去被接触者受到追捕,厌倦了,而且那些从正面出书或是拍摄视频的人受到了威胁,撰写《Lost is the Key》的利雅.哈雷受到美国军方的威胁,还有Whitley Strieber报道了有人威胁砍掉他儿子的脑袋,这都是众所周知的例子。权势集团已经输掉了战争,但是还没意识到损失的程度。他们学习迟钝,并且把自己关在烟雾缭绕的小屋里, 地球的转化过程 咆哮着走过他们,走向了未来。

I found this vid on YouTube, and I wondering is these very Tall Visitor observing people on a hill in Peru are not Illegal in this planet? Or Annunaki descendants, "gone native"??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0eu9ldGaWM "On May 8, 2011 Gladys posted the video on YouTube with a comparative analysis." The giant stands up to take his shirt off. "In 1982 a Peruvian student experienced an unusual event." A tall man in a white suit and orange head was filmed by accident, later discovered on the photo, which was published in Oiga magazine. "Patagonia means big foot." Reports from first contact with European explorers are that giants humans lived in Patagonia.

We have mentioned that the Annunaki had sex slaves, though the offspring via any human female they impregnated rarely survived as mother and child both died during childbirth due to the large size of the infant. Some did survive. David of the David and Goliath legend was one such survivor. When such offspring clustered and interbred among themselves, this became a hybrid human/Annunaki blood line. Most Annunaki blood disbursed, so large humans did not result, but interbreeding among hybrids would retain the large size.
我们提到过annunaki拥有姓奴,尽管被他们染指的任何人类女性的后代很少会存活下来,因为在分娩时 由于婴儿的体积过大 母亲和孩子都会死亡。有些确实活了下来。大卫和巨人传说中的大卫就是这样的存活者。当这些后代群居并互相交合时,这变成了 人类/annunaki混种血系。大部分annunaki的血统被稀释了,所以并不会导致巨人后代的出现,但是混种之间的繁殖会保持着巨大的体型。
The Annunaki were slender, though muscular, and thus their offspring would have the trim, thin outline seen in the recent photos and videos. Where in one photo the head of the tall man dressed in white appeared to be orange, this is due to the color of the hybrid's skin, when tanned, not as brown as pure human skin. When this hybrid cluster encountered European explorers, they like the American Indians recognized a threat to their existence, though at first they greeted the explorers and were curious. They withdrew, and have kept themselves separate from strictly human society to avoid hostile reactions.
From the time when pure blood Annunaki were in the vicinity, enslaving mankind for work in their mines, relations were not good between the Annunaki and their slaves. Rebellions occurred, when many Annunaki were injured and lost their lives, and these hybrids were aware of the legacy left to them. It became part of their culture to avoid contact with human society. This caution has only increased as modern day humans became more technologically advanced, while the hybrid cluster remained isolated and relatively primitive in their culture. Like Bigfoot, attempts to contact these illusive half-breeds would only result in their disappearance, slipping away into the caves and jungle to be lost again.


Related floods in Bolivia at 7 out of 10 events? Maps of flood -
Coincidence? Does it link with 7 out of 10 and flooding in Ecuador?

Lakes in the high Andes drain into the Amazon basin, if they drain at all. The area in Bolivia experiencing the worst flooding normally is drained by two different rivers, but what happens when mountain building occurs in the Andes, and pressure from the crimp creates crumpling in the Andes. The top portion of S America is free to pull to the west, overriding the Caribbean Plate and the Cocos Plate just to the west. But the bottom portion of S America is blocked by the Nazca Plate, which resists. Crumpling in the crimp creates folds, which are points on the crust which drop and heave, alternately.
This is similar to the accordion fold that occurred on the Sunda Plate, wherein the rivers in northern Thailand heaved, blocking the river beds, and then at a later date relaxed, releasing the flood through Bangkok. . Flooding is likewise occurring along the coast of southern Brazil, due to a stretch there that drops the land when S America bows. The crimp in S America is opposite from the yaw point at Nigeria, where sudden flooding and imploding buildings are occurring because the top part of Africa is held in place at present while the bottom part is pulling toward the east, falling into the void of the Indian Ocean.

这类似于发生在巽他板块上的手风琴式折叠,其中泰国北部的河流起伏,阻塞了河床,之后又放松下来,释放掉了遍及曼谷的洪水。沿着巴西南部的海岸线同样发生了洪水,因为当南美弯曲时那里的拉伸造成了土地的下降。南美的褶皱正好与位于尼日利亚的偏转点相反,那里 由于非洲顶部目前被固定住的同时底部被拉向东部,掉入印度洋的空虚中 而导致发生了突然地洪水和建筑内爆。

I would like to ask such question. Recently our friends said, that the Russian establishment plans to escape to the Urals during the pole shift, and that ordinary citizens should avoid this area. Could our friends to answer - what are plans of the Russian establishment in respect of ordinary people before the pole shift?

If Obama is planning to setup rural camps for the homeless after the New Madrid adjusts, as shown by Executive Order 13575 and Michelle encouraging families to turn their lawns into vegetable gardens, what is Russia planning to do with its citizenry as the time of the Pole Shift approaches? Russia will not have an interim disaster, such as the New Madrid adjustment, that will create rubble out of many US cities and drop many bridges that cross the Mississippi well before the Last Weeks arrive.
如果说奥巴马正在计划为新马德里调整之后无家可归的人建立向下营地,正如第13575号行政命令所显示的,那么随着极移的临近俄国将要对他的子民做什么呢?俄国并不会出现什么 类似于新马德里调整那样会造成美国很多城市成为碎石并使很多横跨密西西比河的桥梁倒塌的 在最后几周来临之前的中期灾难。
Lying on the great Eurasian Plate, centered as it is in a relatively fault free zone, Russia will not endure catastrophic geological changes until the Pole Shift itself. It is afterwards, when the sea level rises, that Russia drowns, the waters pouring in from the Arctic to flood the majority of the country. Is Russia planning to inform its citizens, to conduct boat building classes so that floating cities can emerge, fishing until the boats can arrive in the mountains of eastern Russia? Is Russia planning to transport its citizens to higher ground prior to the Pole Shift?
Beyond saving the elite, and moving the military resources to the Urals and to places along the southern borders to guard against an influx of refugees, Russia is making no plans. In truth, almost all countries are in a similar position. Sweden is planning to take steps to relocate its citizenry when coastal flooding becomes evident, but will remain mum about these plans until then. China's plans are obvious in the ghost cities awaiting their elite. If the US government were being run by anyone other than Obama, it is doubtful that Excutive Order 13575 would have been written, frankly, as previous presidents saw fit to only develop bunkers for the elite and the US military.


The wobble seems to have changed, as the temperature in Europe suddenly plunged after being like an early Spring, Alaska has its coldest temps ever while the US and much of Canada is having an extremely mild winter. India went from fatal cold spell to balmy again. Has the Earth changed position vs a vs Planet X to cause this? [and from another] Bitter cold records broken in Alaska - all time coldest record nearly broken, but Murphy's Law intervenes [Jan 30] http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/01/30/bitter-cold-records-broken-in-alaska Jim River, AK closed in on the all time record coldest temperature of -80°F set in 1971, which is not only the Alaska all-time record, but the record for the entire United States. Unfortunately, it seems the battery died in the weather station just at the critical moment. While the continental USA has a mild winter and has set a number of high temperature records in the last week and pundits ponder whether they will be blaming the dreaded "global warming" for those temperatures, Alaska and Canada have been suffering through some of the coldest temperatures on record during the last week.

There has been no change in the wobble pattern, the wobble has merely become more severe. Nancy noted a Figure 8 format when the Earth wobble first became noticeable, in early 2005, after Planet X moved into the inner solar system at the end of 2003. The Figure 8 shifted along to the east a bit on the globe between 2005 and 2009, (the last time Nancy took its measure) as Planet X came closer to the Earth, encountering the magnetic N Pole with a violent push earlier in the day. But the pattern of the Figure 8 remained essentially the same. So what changed recently that the weather patterns became noticeably different in late January, 2012?

The N Pole is pushed away when it comes over the horizon, when the noon Sun is centered over the Pacific. This regularly puts Alaska under colder air, with less sunlight, and thus the historically low temps there this January, 2012 as the wobble has gotten stronger. But by the time the Sun is positioned over India, the N Pole has swung during the Figure 8 so the globe tilts, and this tilt is visible in the weather maps from Asia. The tilt has forced the globe under the hot air closer to the Equator, warming the land along a discernable tilt demarcation line.
The next loop of the Figure 8 swings the globe so that the N Pole moves in the other direction, putting the globe again at a tilt but this time in the other direction. This tilt is discernable in weather maps of Europe, again along a diagonal line. Depending upon air pressure and temperature differences, the weather on either side of this diagonal line may be suddenly warm or suddenly cold. The tilt and diagonal line lingers to affect much of the US and Canada, but the Figure 8 changes at this point to be an up and down motion, pulling the geographic N Pole south so the US is experiencing a warmer than expected winter under a stronger Sun. Then the cycle repeats, with the magnetic N Pole of Earth pushed violently away again as the Sun is positioned over the Pacific.


The ship in the video was apparently split in half by an explosion, would it have been something else like a sudden rise in sea level? Would the Zetas be able to comment? [and from another] Five killed as explosion tears ship apart off Korean coast [Jan 15] http://rt.com/news/explosion-killed-korea-vessel-813/ A 4191-tonne freight vessel carrying oil exploded on Sunday morning in the Yellow Sea off South Korea's port city of Incheon. Five crew members of the total of 11 Koreans and five Burmese have been killed, while six others are missing. According to South Korean Coast Guard, the incident happened three miles north of Jawol Island around 8 am.

At 8:00 am in South Korea, the Sun is high over the Pacific, just the location for the strong polar push of the wobble, sending the emerging magnetic N Pole of Earth back over the horizon. This is the time when the globe is shoved north in the Pacific Rim, which would indeed cause the undersea landscape just 3 miles north of Jawol Island to shove under and tear apart the oil tanker. This is of course the same global push that occurred in Italy to the Contra Concordia, when the undersea landscape moved suddenly south on that side of the globe to gash its side, late in the evening. On opposite sides of the globe, on opposite sides of the clock, both victims of the same global wobble.


Since when does "geology" include the earth's magnetosphere? Apparently since the cover-up artists need it to! According to the USGS, anything that even remotely affects the surface of the earth is now their area of concern and expertise: "Constant monitoring of Earth's magnetic field allows us to better assess the impact of these phenomena on Earth's surface." Has NASA's reputation with the public already gotten so bad that the USGS has been selected to take the helm of the cover up of Planet X? Would the Zetas care to comment about this odd development? [and from another] The USGS Monitors Earth's Magnetic Field to Prepare Citizens for Magnetic Storms http://www.usgs.gov/blogs/features/usgs_top_story/the-usgs-monitors-earth's-magnetic-field-to-prepare-citizens-for-magnetic-storms/ Everyone is familiar with weather systems on Earth like rain, wind and snow. But space weather - variable conditions in the space surrounding Earth - has important consequences for our lives inside Earth's atmosphere. Solar activity occurring miles outside Earth's atmosphere, for example, can trigger magnetic storms on Earth. These storms are visually stunning, but they can set our modern infrastructure spinning. While large, the 1989 storm pales in comparison to one that occurred in September 1859 and is the largest storm in recorded history. The USGS, a partner in the multi-agency National Space Weather Program, collects data that can help us understand how magnetic storms may impact the United States.

There is seldom overlap among US agencies, as this is simply not cost effective. The CIA spies and runs operations outside the borders of the US and the FBI operates within. Magnetic storms coming from the Sun have always been under the umbrella of NASA, while earthquakes and volcanoes have been under the umbrella of the USGS. One has only to look over the USGS offerings to see the nature of their endeavors. There is nothing there about the Sun, about outer space, or about magnetism. The US has a magnetic data collector in HAARP, in fact, which has archives and provides graphs to the public.
So why is the USGS suddenly posturing itself to speak to the issue of magnetic storms on the Sun, ie solar flares or sunspots, stepping into the shoes formerly worn by NASA? NASA has been announcing changes in the Earth's magnetosphere, such as the breach noted in 2010, yet here is the USGS showing the magnetosphere vs a vs the Sun in an article. NASA has been warning of pending solar storms during the Solar Maximum yet here is the USGS wearing those shoes. The USGS even referred to the same 1859 storm referenced in a NASA announcement in September, 2011.
Is the US government planning on disbanding NASA, that they seem to be lining up a replacement? They are hoping to replace NASA as the go-to agency on these matters, as NASA is too vulnerable when Planet X becomes visible in the skies. "The USGS will field your question", the media will be told, and of course the USGS cannot then be blamed for their ignorance or past performance! NASA will refuse to answer the phone. Will such a ridiculous approach work? After grabbing the stage for decades, as well as grabbing the US taxpayers dollars, the public will not let them off the hook. This latest gambit only shows their level of fear, and that they have run out of excuses.


New Zealanders are angry that the government is having fire sale of our valuable lands to foreign investors such as the crafar farms sale(seems to be backed up by the chinese government) and the latest from film director James Cameron. The chinese is buying land all over the world and they are definitely readers of ZetaTalk. By securing the farm lands in NZ, it could mean security for their milk & meat supply in the aftertime. Now, James Cameron is an International Hollywood Film Director. Even tough he could be making movies in NZ while he's here, it doesn't mean he needs to migrate here indefinitely. Is he a ZetaTalk reader? Does he know that PX is coming and disasters are upon America? Is it the time to get out before it's too late and hence the purchase of these farm lands? It appears that money can buy your way in and the official land grabs have started here in NZ! Your thought on this matter is much appreciated. [and from another] http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/12786523/peters-slams-filmmaker-s-land-grab/ NZ First leader Winston Peters has come out swinging against film director James Cameron's purchase of two Wairarapa properties. The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has approved two applications from the Canadian director of Avatar and Titanic to buy to properties, totaling more than 1000 hectares, on Western Lake Rd in South Wairarapa. Cameron is expected to arrive later this year to work on an Avatar sequel with Weta Digital. The OIO decision says Cameron meets its criteria as "[he] and his family intend to reside indefinitely in New Zealand and are acquiring the property to reside on and operate as a working farm". But Mr Peters is demanding answers over how the purchase deal was rubber-stamped. [and from another] http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10781767 The Overseas Investment Office approved the sale of the 16 Crafar farms to Shanghai Pengxin despite the Chinese bid stumbling at several important hurdles - such as job creation, introducing new technology and allowing New Zealand control in the business. But these factors formed only part of the whole picture, and the OIO decided overall that the Pengxin bid passed the test of adding "substantial and identifiable" value to New Zealand, given the expected increase in primary production and exports.

It is notable that countries deemed relatively safe by ZetaTalk are seeing an influx of the elite. The Bush family explored Paraguay, and Israel is likewise sniffing around in this region as it is high land, will enjoy a warmer climate in the Aftertime, is relatively unpopulated, and is in close proximity to new land destined to rise between the tip of S America and Africa as well as Antarctica itself. Eastern Australia finds the Queen visiting and the wealthy from Abu Dhabi investing, as it will see an increase in elevation, be close to the new Equator, and has access to a large fresh water aquifer.
值得注意的是那些 被齐塔人之声认定为相对安全的国家 正目睹着精英阶层的流入。布什一家开发着巴拉圭,以色列也正在这个区域四处嗅探,因为那里是高地,将会在极移之后享受着较暖的气候,相对无人居住,并且与在南美和非洲尖端之间注定要升起的新大陆以及南极本身都极为接近。东澳大利亚受到了女王的访问而且来自于阿布达比酋长国的有钱人进行了投资,因为那里海拔将会上升,接近新的赤道并且有巨大的淡水层可以取用。
Libya received enthusiastic support from France during their Arab Spring, in part as we have stated because France will be overwashed during the Pole Shift and will suffer from desperate refugees from northern Europe in the Aftertime. In addition to oil, Libya also has a fresh water aquifer. S Africa likewise has seen an unusual interest from the elite, with the current President expansively welcoming them. Now New Zealand, normally a guarded country(不知道咋翻译), finds itself with interest from China and the new home of movie magnate Cameron.
Where is this leading? Will desirable lands become overcrowded with the elite, buying properties and building huge estates? Will the poor be crowded out, or just enlisted as a work force? Certainly this trend is just starting, as the elite, aware of ZetaTalk accuracy for many years, become increasingly convinced that our predictions will play out in full. China is building ghost cities, based on ZetaTalk accuracy. Obama is bringing the troops home in part due to ZetaTalk accuracy. And the elite will be swaming over locations deemed advantageous as well as relatively safe. The value of land will bid higher!


In a prior ZetaTalk post Steven Spielberg has been described as "A Star Child, well versed in his past life experiences and educated in his present incarnation with the variety of life forms and the rules the Universe operate under, he was here on a mission." Yet he has repeatedly been commissioned by the US govt to make films about ETs that picture them as, according to the Zetas, "here to eat you, takeover the planet". Spielberg has managed to get around this issue in the past. I've just watched the movie "Super 8", which again seems to skirt the issue of bad aliens. However, I noticed right after the Amblin Entertainment credit, there's another credit for "Bad Robot". Now I've just read in the NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/30/business/media/dreamworks) that Spielberg has to look for additional funding. The article implies that "banks led by J. P. Morgan Securities" will no longer invest in DreamWorks. Here's the question: Is the funding being withdrawn because Spielberg isn't "playing the game"? And is "Bad Robot" a clue that Spielberg is refusing to go along with the cover-up like a yes-man?

Yes, funding is being withdrawn from Spielberg because he is not playing the game as the establishment wants him to play, on their terms. He is playing the game, but as they see it, is playing them. How does his track record stand in comparison to other producers? Spielberg led with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), which showed the establishment unable to prevent contact and showed benign aliens. But this was quickly followed by the Alien series (1979 O'Bannon) which painted a different picture of aliens, and where human military units always gain the upper hand. Spielberg countered with ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), again showing the establishment unable to prevent contact, and aliens benign and adorable.
Then followed a spate of movies compatible with the establishment agenda. Stargate (1994 Emmerich) where the US military thwarts a potential invasion by the pedophile alien Ra. Independence Day 4 (1996 Emmerich) where a Bush-like president zooms into the invasion mothership to personally blow it up. Signs (2002 Mel Gibson) where crop circles are used to guide acid shooting aliens and Christian faith is reborn. Spielberg agreed to produce War of the Worlds (2005) with the storyline that aliens are scary, are here to eat mankind and colonize the Earth, but the film showed the military impotent against alien technology, which succumbed to Earth germs rather than firepower. And this was followed by Avatar (2009 Cameron) where humans are more technologically advanced than the alien race.
There is a clear pattern. Those producers who paint the picture the establishment wishes the public to see are rewarded. The message should be that the US military is superior, that contact with aliens is dangerous, and that the public should rely upon and follow what their governments tell them in these matters. Thus the rumors that the US military has alien technology gained from crashed space ships. When mass UFO sightings cannot be explained in this light, favorable to the US military, they are ignored. Spielberg may not be getting funding these days, but his legacy was put in place before the current frantic effort to paint aliens in a bad light. He won.

这里有个很清晰的模式。那些描绘了权势集团想要公众看到的景象的制片人们获得了奖励。传达的信息应该是 美军是强大的,与外星人接触是危险的,还有公众应该信赖并跟随他们的政府所说的。因此有谣传说美军拥有来自于坠毁的宇宙飞船的外星技术。就此而论,当大规模目击事件无法被解释时,对美军有利,它们被忽视了。斯皮尔伯格现在可能无法筹集资金,但是在当前疯狂地抹黑外星人之前,他就已经留下了宝贵的作品。他才是赢家。




I don't normally jump in here but saw this and wanted to relay that freezing everyone in a room can occur when one of the people is a contactee and being removed for a quick visitation. My recall is of my whole family picking blackberries and all were frozen except me, for a quick checkup on status of embryo in womb (hybrid program) myself in early teens at the time.  Described in Call section, Simultaneous Call

Nancy:我不经常来这里但是看到这个并且想要回答,当其中有个人是被接触者并且从一次快速访问中被移走时,会发生在房间里每个人都被冻住的情况。我的回忆是在年轻的时候我们全家都在采摘黑莓时除了我之外所有人都被冻住了,为了快速检查我的子宫中胚胎的状态(混血工程)。在 呼唤 部分有描述,同时呼唤。


Now, returned from their conferences, the insecure one and the concerned friend are returned, while the others in the living room are awake. All are not consciously aware that anything at all has happened. They in all likelihood will think that nothing at all has occurred, and that no time at all has passed from the instant before these conferences. Such is the nature of alien entity interactions with humans. The frozen state, and the conscious forgetfulness, are utterly common.


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