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ZetaTalk: Earth Switch

Note: written Jul 15, 1995


Just as living beings, such as ourselves and yourselves, can be in different densities, coexisting in the same spot but being unaware of each other, so planets can and do so coexist. 4th Density planets are not as prevalent as planets in the root density, for obvious reasons. Planets are moved to 4th Density only to support life in 4th Density, and most planets do not have any life at all. So what does the Universe then look like, in 4th Density? Sparse. Imagine your Solar System, its Sun always visible and the orbiting planets among the many stars in the sky. In 4th Density there will be a Sun, but its appearance will be different - not as bright, and more pale. Will astronomers have to adjust to a new night sky? Most certainly, as there will be fewer stars and many of the old guides will be gone. However, as this change will take place shortly after the cataclysms, with all its travails and gloomy cloud cover, any telescopes operational will be useless. Even today, astronomers require a clear night. When the scientific community has regrouped, new maps of the sky will be redrawn, with only an occasional scratch of the head as to why the skies, too, have changed.


  • After the switch, humans will be able to look directly at the new 4th Density Sun without distress or injury. Sunburn will be a thing of the past. Where the Sun will be less intense, the winters will be more extreme, creating an Earth with less land mass in a habitable zone. Rather than a steamy equator, the equator will be essentially temperate and the poles will occupy almost half the available surface areas. Lest this seem grim, it should be understood that ice at the poles ties up much water in the form of ice, and the sea level will thus drop several hundred feet. All in all, a good trade off. Since this will occur some 100 years or more after the pole shift this should not affect any humans currently worried about surviving the pole shift. All humans surviving the pole shift will have died, and incarnated safely elsewhere, before this climate change occurs.


  • After the switch, humans will find their Moon has traveled with them to 4th Density, as its influence on the tides is something life on Earth has come to rely on and has adapted to. Without the Moon, the many forms of life in tidal pools would die and the cleansing action of washing tides would cease.


  • After the switch, humans will find all the plants and animals now on the 3rd Density Earth, their beautiful world, has also moved. The humans of the future, the hybrids we are developing, will not live in a lifeless 4th Density world - spare, bleak, without vegetation, song birds, or fish. Where we will leave some agents of disease behind, the human body will still be subject to stress and degenerative diseases, as well as aging, as all this is inherent in the genetic structure of the human body. Lions and tigers and wolves will also come along, as without predators your wild herds would soon create a population problem. The starvation of many versus the occasional quick kill. Nature will continue as before.

    转变之后,人类将发现所有现在处于第三密度的植物和动物,他们美丽的世界,也一起转到了第四密度。未来的人类,也就是我们发展出的混血,将不会生活在一个死气沉沉的,荒凉,严寒,没有植被和鸣鸟或鱼类的第四密度世界。我们将遗留下一些疾病的代理者,人类身体依然会衰老,依然易患应激性疾病和变性疾病,因为所有这些是人类身体的基因结构里所固有的。狮子,老虎,以及狼也将一道而来,因为没有食肉动物的话,你们的野生兽群将很快发生人口问题。大部分被饿死 VS 偶尔的迅速捕杀。大自然将会像过去一样继续。

  • After the switch humans will find that all humans, whether they have graduated to a 4th Density spiritual plane or not, have moved. For some entities, they will recall living through the cataclysms and then later through a time when humans seemed more mentally connected and in touch with one another. Then, upon death, they will be moved to another 3rd Density world, with others who will share these memories. Back to 3rd Density, to continue their orientation lesson.


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