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Recently there were some green clouds over Moscow.  News reports speak of heavy pollen in clouds.  If pollen, why has the phenomenon apparently not shown up before?  Any explanation as to what this is?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJNvFnR8jrw  [and from another] http://rt.com/news/green-clouds-moscow-aliens-050/ Mysterious green clouds have been spotted over the Russian capital, sparking fears of a chemical disaster and even some doomsday theories. But the Emergencies Ministry is advising the public to calm down. It says the clouds are actually composed of birch pollen, not of chemicals from an allegedly burning factory in the Moscow region.  The odd natural phenomenon mystically coincided with the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, which caused further speculation.

The Earth wobble has produced a wildly swinging climate for many regions of the world, with all manner of reactions in the fauna and flora. Sea creatures have been found too far north or south, floating algae in the Arctic, and migrating birds coming and going as though the seasons were uncertain for them. Crop failure in fruiting trees has resulted due to early blooming with sudden devastating frosts, and certainty about the right time to pollinate confused. Spring is normally a steady stage, spread over several weeks of gradually warming temps.
地球抖动已经在世界很多地区造成了摇摆不定的气候,并伴随着动植物各种各样的反应。海洋生物被发现距离本来的居住地更加以南或是更加以北,北极漂浮着藻类,候鸟来来回回地飞,貌似他们也不知道现在是什么季节。果树由于 提前开花之后毁灭性霜冻突降而至 而减产,当然授粉的时机也变得混乱起来。春季通常来说应该是个稳定的季节,延续几周气温慢慢转暖。
Not all plants in a genus bloom and pollinate simultaneously, as there are genetic differences, but when the surging temps signal all the plants all at once, large pollen clouds could result. Similar reactions in the animal kingdom have resulted, where spiders have spun mass webs in trees in reaction to flooding or multiple births are reported in wildlife whose bodies have been signaled that a catastrophe is coming and survival of the species might be threatened. The pollen clouds are not the most interesting feature of this story. It is the reaction of the populace - that an apocalypse had occurred.


Large protests in Malaysia are being repelled with tear gas and fire hoses. The article mentions more democracy and foreign mining companies as the reasons for protests, but my question is if these protests are related to the earth changes/sinking in Malaysia. http://worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/04/28/11440926-tear-gas-water-cannon-fired-at-reform-protesters-in-kuala-lumpur?lite

Indonesia and Malaysia have lived up to their reputations of being dictatorial and insensitive to their people during the 7 of 10 sinking of the Sunda Plate. It was not just a grip on their local media that prevented honest discussion of the inundation from the sea, but was also cooperation from the larger media networks around the world. It was blamed on rain, even when the flood water refused to drain and were clearly from salt water. It was the mining companies, making the ground unstable. It was erosion of the soil, broken sea walls, and poor government planning for drainage ditches. Anything but the truth. The flooding of Bangkok is the only instance that got media coverage, and this only because it was a popular tourist destination.
印尼和马来西亚在第七阶段巽他板块的下沉期间以 读财和对其民众的冷漠 而著名。不仅仅他们当地的媒体的口风阻止了关于来自海洋的洪水的诚实探讨,还有来自世界范围的较大媒体网络的合作。是因为降雨,即使洪水拒绝排干而且明显来自咸水。是因为采矿企业,使得土地不牢固。是土壤的侵蚀,海堤破裂,政府关于排水沟的计划劣质。除了珍像以外的任何原因。曼谷的洪水是唯一被报道的,而这仅仅是因为那里是旅游胜地。
Left with this, what is a citizen to do? The compensation for a lost home or farm is meager, assistance in relocating almost nonexistent. Any attempts by investigative reporters to report the situation in accordance with the facts is met with brutality. The truth is discovered on the Internet and shared in whispers with friends and neighbors. And the burning anger that comes from realizing your government knew this was all coming and said nothing can only cause ulcers. The citizens must watch their leadership strut around in pomp and ceremony, and can do nothing. Rioting, where their emotions overwhelm fear, is the only outlet.

在这样的环境下,作为一个市民能干什么?对失去家园或是农场的补偿就那么一点点,重新安置方面的援助几乎没有。调查记者任何关于报道真实情况的企图都会遭到暴力对待。珍像在网络上出现并在朋友和邻居之间低声散播着。来自于 意识到自己的ZF知晓即将发生的一切但是什么都没有说 这一点的公众燃烧的愤怒仅仅会导致社会溃烂。市民必须看着他们的领导招摇过市举办盛典,什么都做不了。报乱,情绪压倒恐惧而产生的报乱,是唯一的发泄方式。

Recently, a study of global ocean salinity levels was undertaken, collaboratively, between Australia's CSIRO and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in California. The recent publication of the alleged results of this survey have been featured in several media outlets and picked up by a known Coverup instrument, the Extinction Protocol. Various hypotheses are being offered to explain the alleged anomalous results indicated in their supposed findings, attempting to explain away what are undoubtedly symptoms of the Planet X presence, i.e. Earth Wobble etc. This appears to be more attempted muddying of the waters by the Establishment Cover-up et al. Would the Zetas please speak to clear this up?  [and from another] http://www.terradaily.com/reports/Study_finds_warming_speeding_up_rainfall_cycle_999.html The study published in the journal Science and conducted by Australian and US scientists looked at ocean data from 1950 to 2000 and found that salinity levels had changed in oceans around the world over that time.  The pattern was amplifying over time and it could be inferred that the same dynamics were also happening over land. What it really means is that the atmosphere can actually shuttle more water from the areas that are drying out to the areas that have lots of rain faster.  It means that the wet areas are going to get wetter and the dry areas are going to get drier. [and from another] http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/world/13539982/study-finds-warming-speeding-up-rainfall-cycle/ A clear picture of what had happened historically with rainfall was frustrating because there was little quality data, and most of this was collected on land, in particular in the northern hemisphere. The researchers from Australian government science and research body CSIRO and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California used data taken from vessels in oceans around the world and climate models to produce their report. They revealed a repeating pattern of change believed to be the result of climate change

With almost no historical records and relying upon computer models to support their new theories, once again the establishment has sent scientists forth to proclaim they know the reason for the drought/deluge cycles we predicted so accurately in 1995. Of course salinity has decreased in some areas, because glaciers and polar ice have been rapidly melting – another one of our accurate predictions. The salinity of the oceans is less than 1% responsible for the drought/deluge cycle, and this is an entirely made up rationale. It is the wobble, the Earth wobble we also predicted would become increasingly apparent as it became more violent.

既没有历史记录,也没有可以依赖的电脑建模来支持他们的理论,再一次权势集团派出砖家来宣告他们知晓了我们从1995年开始就精确预测过的 旱/涝循环 。当然在某些地区盐度下降,因为冰川和极地冰融化得如此之快——这是我们的另一个精确预测。海洋的盐度只有1%的原因是 旱/涝循环 ,而且这完全是编造的理论。变化是抖动引起的,地球抖动我们也预测过将会随着它越来越暴力而变得越来越明显。

As with so many of the establishment's desperate attempts to explain the Earth changes caused by Planet X, this one again points to a symptom as the cause. What changed the salinity? If they point to the melting poles, what caused the poles to melt? If they point to warmer water sloshing the polar ice from beneath, what caused the warm water to arrive at the poles? In 1995 we predicted increased drought and deluge, not only the intensity, the grip, but occurring in unexpected places opposite of what is expected. This then is precisely what occurred. Where we did not explain the pending Earth wobble in 1995, we knew the effect that was to come. It is the wobble which is causing the drought and deluge problems.


Is the public likely to buy into such sketchy explanations, supported not at all by historical records and based, once again (as was the Global Warming theory) on computer models designed to support the theory? The public has gotten increasingly skeptical of official explanations for the moaning and singing and booming Earth, the increase in earthquakes, the wandering compass, the fireballs in the skies, the Sun and Moon out of place, and the highly erratic weather out of keeping with what is expected of the seasons. They hear Internet reports of objects near the Sun, reports which explain the Earth changes where the media shies away from the evidence.
对于这种粗略的解释,历史记录根本不支持的解释,而且又一次(就像全球变暖理论一样)是基于一个 被设计成支持该理论的电脑模型 的理论,公众会买账吗?关于地球的歌声呻吟爆炸声,越来越多的地震,乱转的罗盘,空中的火球,太阳和月亮的偏离,还有与预期季节相差甚远的高度古怪的气候等等事件的官方解释,公众开始越来越怀疑其真实性。他们在网上听到关于太阳旁边物体的报道,解释了媒体避之不及的地球变化的报道。
The establishment has lost the public, a fact which has not yet sunk into the self-absorbed brains in the think tanks of the cover-up. The public will look askance upon the salinity theory, built upon the ashes of the Global Warming theory like a phoenix. Global Warming is forever enmeshed in scandal, where the UN and their scientists discarded data and cherry-picked only that which confirmed the theory. Global Warming was likewise proclaimed to be following computer models, which quickly became irrelevant as the melting ice and permafrost outran the models. None of these theories which supposedly "explain" the current weather address the Earth wobble, which is about to announce itself in undeniable terms to the public.

权势集团失去了公众,多亏了掩盖活动的存在,这个事实还没有进入那些固执的大脑。公众将持着怀疑态度来看待 像凤凰一样在全球变暖理论的灰烬中钻出来的 盐度理论。全球变暖成为了永远的丑闻,联合国和它的科学家们扔掉了大部分数据,仅仅保留了支持他们理论的那些。全球变暖同样被声称符合计算机模型,而当冰川和冻土的融化远超模型速度时,该理论很快变得不相干了。没有哪种上述理论可能"解释"当前说明了地球抖动的气候状态。地球抖动即将以不可否认的姿态向公众宣告其存在。

The FAA recently approved the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the skies over the Washington DC area.  Will the Zetas confirm this is yet another planned attempt to track and contain migration routes out of the city during the coming cataclysms and is the deployment of offensive weapons also being planned in this regard?  [and from another] Drones 'Certainly' Coming to Skies over Beltway - http://wtop.com/?nid=120&sid=2846813 [and from another] NORAD to Conduct Flights Over Metro Region - http://wtop.com/109/2774286/NORAD-to-conduct-flights-over-DC-region [and from another] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unmanned_aerial_vehicle [and from another] And its not just the DC area: FAA lists show agencies able to use drones http://www.wtop.com/?nid=41&sid=2838940

Despite the warning given to them last October, 2011 the US government is fast putting drones into operation over their cities. The reason is obvious – they know what is coming. Drones can be used to gather intelligence, learning the routes by which hordes of migrants are heading out of the cities and toward wealthy suburbs or out into the countryside. Drones can also be used to drop tear gas, drop bombs, and direct boots on the ground to block or maim migrants. How drones are used in the future is up to the hands that manage them, in the hands of man, and thus it is difficult to predict the outcome.
尽管在2011.10受到了警告,美国政府很快将无人机投入到其城市上空运转。原因很明显——他们知道即将到来什么。无人机可以被用来搜集情报,以知晓涌出城市的移民大军所采取的路线,是朝向富人的郊区前进,还是涌向乡下。无人机还可以用来空投催泪瓦斯,投炸弹,直接砸在地上以阻止或伤害移民。无人机在未来怎样应用 取决于那些管理无人机的人,掌握在人类手中,因此很难预测结果。
It is hard to imagine drones being used as a peaceful assist to citizen survival. Would the drones track ahead of a group of migrants, looking for broken bridges or gangs laying in wait in the bushes? Or would drones be used to guard the perimeter of a large survival camp, so that woman and children could tend flocks and herds and garden in the fields with safety? There is, of course, this possibility, but the more likely possibility is that wealthy enclaves would be protected in this manner, and drones used to ensure that a slave labor force remain in the fields and not manage to escape.


We have predicted that leading into and after the Pole Shift that the grid will be down, communications relying upon satellites nil and those relying upon towers and land lines devastated. Roads, landing strips, and bridges will be broken and unusable. The ambitions of some in the US military to create personal fiefdoms for themselves, or in combination with some wealthy enclaves to live as kings in the Aftertime, would of course be greatly enhanced by drones. This fact is not lost on them. But a drone is merely a mechanical device, dependent upon electronics and communications from a human handler. Oh, so very easy for benign aliens to scuttle.

我们预测过极移和极移之后电网将会垮掉,依靠卫星的通讯变得不可能而且那些依靠塔台和陆上线路的通讯也会受到破坏。道路,飞机跑道,还有桥梁将会损坏并无法使用。美国军队中某些人 为自己打造个人领地或是与某些富人联手打造领地以便在极移之后像国王一般生活 的野心无疑会被无人机大大增强。下述事实并不是对他们毫无影响。无人机仅仅是机械装置,依赖于电子和人类通讯的掌控。哦,所以说很容易被善良的外星人破坏。

An April 24, 2012, SOHO photograph posted on popular mainstream sites appears to show Planet X Complex moon swirls or a string of pearls/checkmark formation.  The articles attempt to explain away such government satellite evidence of the near presence of Planet X as just gigantic UFOs, would the Zetas care to comment on this surprising, mixed-message media coverage? Also, the increase in earth changes is increasingly obvious to the common man, but Nancy Lieder is still not in the media as she should be.  Why the apparent delay in getting Nancy and ZetaTalk back into the spotlight? [and from another]

On April 24, a camera on NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory seems to have captured the image of something very large and artificially constructed hovering perilously close to our solar neighbor. "The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) impacts on the CCD, something which is apparent in just about every image," Nathan Rich, of the NRL's solar physics branch, told the website. "These artifacts do not persist from image to image," Rich added, which suggests the cosmic streaks can explain what UFO proponents are hoping turns out to be an extraterrestrial craft.

Is there a connection between the article in HuffPro and the Daily Mail and the Puppet Master's press to get Nancy into the media? There is indeed a direct connection. We have frequently alluded to the Puppet Master's desire to see Nancy and ZetaTalk in the media, because we have refused to give him answers to some of his burning questions until he does so. Until the 7 of 10 plate movements began playing out in an undeniable fashion, proving once again the accuracy of our predictions, he had mixed feelings about a media press. He also felt that he could manipulate ourselves and Nancy into giving him his answers, but we play this game of chess better than he. Thus, pounding his fist into his desk in frustration, he has reluctantly proceeded to do as we demanded.
HuffPro的文章和Daily Mail还有傀儡主人对nancy被媒体报道的阵鸭之间是否有什么关系?确实有直接关系。我们经常暗示傀儡主人想要看到nancy和zetatalk被报道,因为我们拒绝给出他的那些亟待解决的问题的答案,除非他这样做了。直到第七阶段板块运动开始以不可否认的样式上演,再一次证明了我们预测的精确性之前,他对媒体的阵鸭都有着纠结的态度。他还觉得自己可以操纵我们齐塔人和nancy给出他想要的答案,但是这盘棋我们下得比他好。用词,懊恼地将拳头重重砸在桌子上,他不情愿地继续按照我们的愿望来行动。
We have often mentioned that the Puppet Master's  job – being the trustee over the very large Rothchild family trust – is to husband the assets and increase them. This is of course not the Rothchild family known to the public, as the Puppet Master is off the books and cannot be located. His wealth is shielded behind front companies and fronting individuals, hiding the true ownership. The wealth of the publically known Rothchild's is mere pocket change, an allowance to those born of a female lineage. The trust requires a male lineage. Nancy and the Puppet Master know each other well, and she can confirm he is not the hand behind wars or mistreatment of humanity. These are the actions of lesser players, who have their independence and can and do chose their own path.


We have often described the Puppet Master's role as attempting to "herd cats", meaning he does not have a command and control position but must induce via bribes or subtle threats – "this is what I can do for you and this what I can do against you, or how about this arrangement" - and by this he manipulates the world so that his asset base increases and his assets are protected. What he wants as the world transforms going into and after the Pole Shift is to have strong survival groups, as he knows he can negotiate trade with them and end up on top of the pile, once again. In our opinion, his expectations are accurate. This is an extremely savy man. Thus we have a mutual goal in strong survival groups, and a mutual enemy in the cover-up.

我们经常将傀儡主人的角色形容为企图"遛猫",意思是他并没有指挥和控制权但是必须通过贿赂或者微妙的威胁来诱导——"这是我可以为你做的而这是我可以对你做的,那么你认为这样安排如何" ——通过这种方式他操纵世界,这样使他的资产基础增长并受到保护。随着世界进入极移和极移之后,他想要的是强力的求生团队,因为他知道他可以再一次通过谈判交易来站在他们之上。在我们看来,他的期望是精确的。这是个十足的狂人。因此在强力生存团体方面我们有着共同的目的,还有掩盖活动这个共同的敌人。

In stepping forward to arrange for Nancy and ZetaTalk to have more media attention the Puppet Master found this not as easy as he anticipated.  The media had been told for years that any discussion of a planet next to the Sun, in the inner solar system, was verboten, forbidden. Weatherman were told not to mention broken records continuously, although on occasion this would be allowed or the public would be suspicious. ZetaTalk or Nancy Lieder were not allowed as subjects, except for ridicule as senior NASA spokespersons sent Nancy's way. The Earth wobble was also strictly forbidden as a topic, despite the Sun and Moon being out of position regularly. Thus, when instructed to loosen up and start talking about these forbidden topics, the talking heads were almost catatonic, unable to move.
在安排nancy和齐塔人之声获得更多媒体关注的过程中傀儡主人发现这并不像他想象的那样容易。媒体多年来都被告知任何关于内太阳系中 太阳旁边的行星 的讨论都是被禁止的。气象人被告知不要提到接连打破记录的事,虽然偶尔会允许见报否则公众会产生怀疑。齐塔人之声或是Nancy Lieder不被允许作为主题出现在媒体中,除了比如说来自于 德高望重的NASA 的发言人的嘲笑。地球抖动也被禁止作为话题,尽管太阳和月亮经常位置错乱。因此,当收到指示放松控制并开始谈论这些被禁止的问题时,发言人就跟得了脑血栓似的,动都不敢动。
Thus the Puppet Master's hand was indeed behind the recent article about the SOHO images, quoting the inadequate explanation from NASA. Typing SOHO into a search engine will indeed bring up the Pole Shift ning and the ZetaTalk explanations, arriving at the CheckMark Moon Swirl description, but more is needed. The cover-up threatens so many lesser players, who can balk and continue to threaten and plea with the media, that steady erosion of the cover-up support in the media will need to occur. Meanwhile, the Council of Worlds has their own cards to play. The time is nigh for the second punch to occur, to show the public that the cover-ups claims that Global Warming and solar flares are responsible for the current Earth changes are a lie. Look for a more severe wobble, which could only be caused by the presence of another large gravitational and magnetic body between the Earth and Sun, to occur.

因此最近 引用了来自于NASA的不充分的解释的 关于SOHO图片的文章背后确实是傀儡主人的推手。将SOHO键入搜索引擎确实可以得到poleshiftning和齐塔人之声的解释,得到对号形卫星漩涡的描述,但是还需要更多。掩盖活动威胁到如此之多的次要角色,他们可以止步不前并继续威胁或是恳求媒体,因此对 在媒体之中的掩盖活动 的稳定侵蚀仍需进行。同时,世界委员会有其自己的牌路。第二次冲击的时机近在眼前,以展示给公众 掩盖活动关于 全球变暖和太阳耀斑要为当前地球变化负责 的声明 全都是谎言。等着看更严重的抖动,只能是由附近存在于地球和太阳之间的大质量大磁力的天体造成的抖动 的发生。

Would zetas like to comment on exactly what is happening to Hokkaido in Japan?  The landslides look quite similar to what happened in Norway?  A stretch zone?
[and from another] Approximately 60,000 Cubic Meter Earth and Sand! [Apr 25] http://talk-hokkaido.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/approximately-60000cubic-meter-earth.html The landslide had taken away the earth and sand of  totally about 60,000 cubic meters including the roadside. The depth of the canyon the landslide of 100 meters made was 25 meter in depth and 50 meters in width.    

Hokkaido Island of Japan is subject to pressure from the subduction of the Pacific Plate, which creates mountain building deep below with consequent rumpling of the land above. Rumpling can be described as portions rising while other portions drop and roll, like the waves arriving on a beach and turning upon themselves at the return to the ocean. Earthquakes are frequently described as having the appearance of waves rolling along the land, the land rising and falling. If the wave is large enough, the portions rising and the portions dropping and rolling have enough difference in height to cause the landscape to tear apart, as was seen in Hokkaido.


Would the Zetas care to comment on the political calculations by the Clintons? Recently, Bill has been more publicly supportive of Obama, and they even met for an event together a few days ago. The Zetas have said in the past how angry Bill was over Hilary's loss in 2008. With confirmation of the 7/10 events unfolding as described by the Zetas, which the elites certainly have, I would think that the Clintons are not interested in waiting until 2016 to try to get the presidency. Also, if the Clintons have thrown in with the Bush family, which I believe would use Romney as a puppet were he to win, then somehow supplanting Obama with Hilary would guarantee as much comfort as possible for these elites, and probable controlling interests in the Aftertime. Obama just went to Afghanistan, secretly, but the itinerary was leaked, and a suicide bomber did explode apparently after Obama left. [and from another] http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/26/2769422/clinton-branson-my-last-chance.html Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's childhood aspiration of becoming an astronaut was dashed by NASA, but she may not be giving up on the dream of reaching the heavens. Clinton welcomed the British billionaire Richard Branson to a State Department conference on global investment by saying she was "excited he's here because many, many, many years ago, I wanted to be an astronaut, and I think he may be my last chance to live out that particular dream." She often tells the story about how NASA rejected her inquiry on joining the space program in the early 1960s because she was a girl. Branson's Virgin Galactic Venture will send paying tourists into space. [and from another] http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/30/us-usa-campaign-obama-idUSBRE83T00E20120430 Clinton had not appeared with Obama this election cycle. But last week the Obama campaign released a video of Clinton praising Obama for approving the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan last May.

As Secretary of State, Hillary is enmeshed in the worry that heads of state have about the current Earth changes and in particular about the predicted cataclysmic changes to come. They want her to be the courier for any new, to negotiate arrangements between countries, and to arrange for more support from the US. They beg for personal accommodations, wanting Obama to protect the elite, who like the Queen would be deserting their public. None of this is her job, nor does she have the ability to make these arrangements. Weary of the constant haranguing and demands, she has looked haggard and indicated she will resign her position after this year.

作为国务卿,希拉里陷入了国家元首所有的关于当前地球变化特别是预测的即将到来的大灾难的担忧之中。他们想要她当 新情况 的情报员,去在国家之间协商准备,还有去安排来自美国更多的支持。他们祈求个人住房,想要奥巴马保护精英阶层,他们会像女王一样遗弃其子民。但这些都不是她的工作,她也没有能力做出这些安排。疲于应付这些长篇大论和各种要求,她看起来十分憔悴并表明今年之后她将辞职。

Meanwhile, after being highly resentful of Hillary's loss to Obama in 2008, Bill seems to have come around to become an eager campaign supporter for Obama's re-election in 2012. In the four years since 2008, the Clinton's have migrated from resenting Obama to a different posture. It is hard to imagine the haggard Hillary of today wanting to be president, and likewise it is hard to reconcile the eager Bill of today with the pouting Bill of 2008. What has happened, of course, is the plate movements predicted by ourselves, the 7 of 10 scenarios. Suddenly, the world of politics as usual is put behind the very real necessity of arranging for one's future life in the Aftertime.
What this means for the Clinton's, who have never lacked for a sense of self-preservation or in some cases frank greed, is a strong bond with Obama. Hillary's admiration for Richard Branson's Virgin space junkets is more than the remnant of a childhood ambition to be an astronaut. It is a desire to court an association with those wealthy and powerful individuals she sees actively planning for survival. She will try to move from hobnobbing with heads of state to hobnobbing with the very wealthy and powerful, all carefully cloaked with excuses about the economy. Watching the elite can give many clues to their thinking, revealing what they know about the approach of Planet X. Meanwhile, the common man hears nothing but lies.


It has been reported from Tel Aviv and Sharon, Israel that a "strong chemical smell" has been infusing the air, alarming locals greatly. It would appear that officials are at a loss to explain this pungent "gas" odor.  They suggest drilling operations as a cause but admit "The city administration could not identify the source".  There is talk of "reported low concentrations of gas in the air" and yet they do not name this mystery gas. Reportedly, Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan has ordered a "a criminal investigation into discovering who created the "nuisance odor" that pervaded Israel's central coast on Thursday. " This may be unrelated, but I wonder whether the Z's would speak to the possibility that Planet X and 7 of 10 plate movement are the guilty party they should be looking to? [and from another] http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/155421#.T6LGWtmJUW- The officials reported low concentrations of gas in the air, which they say do not pose a danger to public health. However, a local environmental consultant told Channel 10 that concentrations producing a pungent scent were not healthy. However, the IDF Home Front Command identified the source of the smell as drilling off the coast of Ashdod. Ramat Hasharon Mayor Itzik Rochberger complained that while the HFC told him the source of the smell, officials from the Environment Ministry were still in the dark. [and from another] http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/155433#.T6LGz9mJUW- The pungent odor was described by the numerous people who complained to municipal officials, police, and media as being chlorine, bromide, insecticide, and similar "chemical" smells. The IDF Home Front Command said late Thursday morning that it believed the smell emanated from gas drilling operations off the coast of Ashdod, but environmental experts note that natural gas is odorless until butyl mercaptan or thiophane is added as a safety precaution.

One can see what happens as the Arabian Plate, the boot, rotates in response to the Atlantic widening and the African Plate rolling its top eastward while dropping.  The plate border that runs up through the Dead Sea pulls apart. This is the classic stretch zone situation when rock layers are pulled apart and release methane gas from organic material long trapped between rock layers. Phew. Natural gas, as is known, is odorless, so this lets any drilling operations off the coast off the hook. As during the famous Earth Fart day in 2007, methane stinks, makes people ill, kills birds, and causes panic as a gas or chemical leak is suspected. Israel is loath to admit to its people that plate movement is occurring, so confabulates.

你可以看到 随着阿拉伯板块,靴子,作为对 大西洋的扩张和非洲板块下落的同时顶部向西滚动 做出的回应而发生转动是发生了什么。穿过死海的板块边界被拉开。这是经典的拉伸区域情形,岩层被拉开并释放来自于之前被困在岩层之中的有机物生成的甲烷。矮油,众所周知天然气是没有气味的,所以这使得离岸的钻探作业都脱离险境。正如在著名的2007地球放屁日期间,甲烷的臭味导致人们生病,使鸟类死亡,并造成恐慌因为人们怀疑是瓦斯或化学品泄漏事故。以色列勉强向其居民承认正在发生板块运动,所以这些(问题中描述的犯罪事件)是虚构的。







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