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The Pole Shift: A Message of Hope


Posted by astrogal50 on June 3, 2012 at 1:30am

It appears some who accept the truth about Planet X and the pending pole shift are becoming understandably discouraged and disheartened.


But it is not all doom and gloom, folks, because the Transformation is now.


Question to the Zetas:  ... However, not too long ago (about 2 mos), something very distinctive happened. It was as if someone flipped a light switch and something just "quit" internally. It's like some small working part inside the machine gave out and I have become physically weak and am having difficulty focusing and functioning. This is most distressing! Especially because I have people still depending on me. And especially because my whole life I've been an upbeat, problem-solving, "can-do" type person. Instead, and seemingly all of a sudden, it's like I've become someone else - depressed, weepy and feeling defeated - and this condition has not lifted since (even though my group has made good progress and I would have said that we are in reasonably "good" shape, all things considered).  One of the others said that in spite of normally being a positive and optimistic person these last few weeks there's become a feeling of "pointlessness" to it all, and describes this as being a "very foreign emotion". Another said it was like something inside just "suddenly dropped", leaving behind a feeling of "heaviness, with difficulty getting motivated to do anything", and that this had never happened before....  Perhaps we should all be more on the lookout for this type of thing to occur, rest more and take whatever precautions we can to avoid it. I'm fully aware, still assessing problems, still even coming up with solutions, all other functions seem okay. I just can't execute the work or keep my attitude up like before. And I really want to keep going! Can the Zetas offer any insight as to what has happened to all of us? And more importantly, any suggestions on what we can do about it?




Telepathy bears with it more than information. It also carries emotion. Those who use telepathy to deliberately gain intelligence or to stay in communication with others know this well. If someone is nauseous with fear, this will come across along with any intellectual plans or knowledge. Experienced telepaths learn to disconnect, in such situations, and return later for communications. Even if you have not been aware of it, you have been in telepathic contact with many people. Group formation is not an accident. Beyond being guided by the visitors, contactees find each other's wave lengths from group meetings on space ships, and have many planning sessions ongoing even when not in physical contact with each other, thus. What such an open channel provides, beyond information, is stray emotion that is on the rise in the general public! Learn to differentiate this from your own thoughts, your own group's plans, as this will increasingly be a problem you encounter.  http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/31de2011.htm

心灵感应所包含的不仅仅是信息。它同样带有感情。那些使用心灵感应来故意获得情报或是与其他人交流的人很好地了解这一点。如果某人因恐惧感到恶心,这将会伴随着情报或是知识传达过来。有经验的心灵感应者学会了在这种情况下断开连接,过后再返回交流。即使你自己并没有意识到,你正与很多人进行心灵感应接触。群体形成 并不是偶然。除了受到访客引导之外,被接触者会在飞船上的小组会议中互相发现对方的波长,并进行很多计划会议,即使互相之间并没有身体接触。这种开放渠道所提供的,除了信息之外,还有公众之间日益严重的迷失的情感!学会将其与你自己的想法,你自己团队的计划相区分,因为你会越来越多地遇到这种困难。http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/31de2011.htm

When the vote was counted in the mid-1940s, human beings chose the service to other option for the earth.


ZetaTalk: Voting Population:  We have stated that all forming entities terran born, having formed on the Earth, participated in the vote that occurred just prior to the Roswell incident, the vote that determined the Earth's future orientation as Service-to-Other. We have also stated that the Transformation to physical 4th Density will occur when approximately 89% of the incarnated human populace is operating fully in the Service-to-Other orientation.... http://www.zetatalk.com/rules/r35.htm


Congratulations are in order!  The big picture is revealed in ZetaTalk.


ZetaTalk: Transformation (written by Jul 15, 1995)  What is the Transformation? The Earth is undergoing a subtle transformation, as the Transformation is now. This Transformation has been progressing for at least this century, and will go for at least a century more.... The majority of those on Earth have not yet reached their orientation decision, but will be moved to another planet, as the Earth has been designated as a future home for Service-to-Other oriented entities. The coming pole shift will expedite this process simply by the fact that 90% of the populace will die, either during the shift or shortly thereafter....  http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t07.htm


ZetaTalk: Pace of Change (written Sep 15, 1995) During Transformations, several issues are paramount in importance. The Council of Worlds, who oversees the Awakening, must first determine the spiritual orientation of the transforming world. This is determined based on polling the entities that emerged on the world scheduled for harvest. Next, having made this determination, the Council decides what type of intelligent species will serve as physical bodies during incarnations. This determination waits on the determination as to orientation, as entities in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other have different requirements. For instance, the Service-to-Self want little telepathy and the Service-to-Others can't get enough. Next, and last, the schedule is determined.


The Transformation, and the Awakening that precede it, is paced to be in sync and accordance with the prior two determinations. For the Earth, this means that the Awakening cannot proceed too fast, so as to tilt the spiritual orientation mix toward the Service-to-Self. Fear and anxiety so tilt this mix, as the fearful and anxious seldom think of others, so the Awakening is paced so as not to heighten these emotions. The Transformation is not dependent on the Awakening, however, but is rather dependent on the spiritual mix of the entities incarnated or awaiting incarnation on Earth. When this reaches approximately 89% operating in the Service-to-Others orientation, the Transformation to 4th Density, in the physical sense, will occur. The Transformation to spiritual 4th Density, in effect, has already occurred by that time.  http://www.zetatalk.com/rules/r25.htm


EARTH'S TRANSFORMATION, THE MANY ASPECTS  http://www.zetatalk.com/index/blog1123.htm


No matter how bad things get, possibly bold help will be generously provided by Service to Other ETs, but such assistance is based on spiritual orientation.


The issue of who will be assisted during the pole shift and in the Aftertime, and to what degree, is a very complicated issue. There is the issue of spiritual orientation, where those who are highly Service-to-Other are given unhesitating assistance, whether this soul is incarnated into a child or an adult. But this is only true where the Service-to-Other individual is in an environment where those in the Service-to-Self cannot take advantage of the situation. The assistance must be delivered to a group under the unquestioned control of those in the Service-to-Other, takeover by the Service-to-Self not possible.

关于在极移期间以及极移之后谁将会得到援助,到什么程度的问题,是个很复杂的问题。这有关于灵魂的方向问题,那些高度服务他人的人会被给予毫不犹豫的援助,无论这个灵魂是化身在大人还是小孩的身体中。但这只有在 服务他人的个体处在一个服务自我的人没有办法兴奋作浪的环境中 的情况下才会成为事实。援助一定要交给某个 毫无疑问处于服务他人的人的控制之下 的团体,援助由服务自我的人接管是不可能的。

We have stated that polarization of the orientations increasingly occurs during the Transformation. The Service-to-Other choose to live with each other, with the undecided drifting to spend time with each other as they find those in the Service-to-Other too dedicated and serious. What happened to the constant focus on fun, fun, fun? The children go off to play with each other, in essence. Those in the Service-to-Self are expelled, and end up spending time with each other likewise as rejects, but also because they understand each other's needs. Rules and a strict pecking order are what they seek. But despite polarization, the Earth will have a mixed society when the pole shift hits.


Then there is the issue of who gets to live in our domed cities with ourselves and the hybrids. Where the Element of Doubt can be maintained, highly Service-to-Other children and adults about to die in disasters or during genocide attacks are rescued and taken to domed communities to live with us. This occurs whether these humans are acquainted with ourselves or the hybrids or not. In the grip of horror, and at the point of death, the shock of encountering a Zeta or a hybrid is the lesser issue, and they are rescued with relief, not an increase in anxiety, as the result. Eventually all these adults and children will be involved in outreach activites, after the pole shift, in essence no different than if they had remained in human society.


Where the Element of Doubt is not an issue, and the area is controlled by those in the Service-to-Other, alien assistance may be bold and wide spread, moving beyond the mere delivery of perpetual batteries and the like. It may approach the equivalent of life in our domed cities, with conscious contact and endless teamwork on the many problems survival communities inherit. When the region arrives at the point where only those in the Service-to-Other are living there, domed cities will be quickly constructed and the survivors invited to take residence. Aliens of all kinds, who have participated in the Transformation, will be present in these cities also, as becoming galactic citizens is part of the Awakening process.

在那些怀疑因素不是什么问题(sunlint:一般来说,某个事件如果不存在怀疑因素,而是能够确定是外星人所为,确定存在外星人,那么将会给平民带来巨大的恐慌,所以为了避免恐慌,所有UFO什么的都会给你一点机会说,擦,假的啦,这你也信。。。),而且被服务他人的人控制的地方,外星援助将是大胆并广泛传播的,远远超过 只是交付永久电池之类的东西 那样。那将接近于我们在穹顶城市的生活,伴随着显意识接触和在幸存者社区遇到的诸多问题上的无穷无尽的团队合作。当那个地区达到 只有服务他人的人居住 的程度,穹顶城市将被迅速建立而且幸存者被邀请进入居住。参与的地球转化的各种各样的外星人,也将存在于这些城市,因为成为银河系公民是觉醒过程的一部分。

In mixed settings, especially where dominated by Service-to-Self gangs or where survival possibilities are grim because of starvation and violence, those in the Service-to-Other will receive assistance in the form of rescue. Children will be rescued and taken to the domed cities, or will be rescued by humans who have chosen such a role for themselves. Adults may likewise be picked up and taken to the domed cities, but more than likely will be guided to meet up with other survivors, in communities leaning heavily toward the Service-to-Other. One form of assistance is to confuse those trying to locate these communities, a type of cloaking so discovery does not occur. In these matters, for Service-to-Other communities to locate in remote, rural areas is best, keeping a low profile, as cloaking is then facilitated.

在混杂的情况下,尤其是那些被服务自我的帮派所控制的地区,由于饥饿和暴力,生存几率不容乐观,那些服务他人的人会得到援救形式的帮助。孩子们将被营救出去并带到穹顶城市,或是被 亲自选择这一角色的大人 所拯救。大人同样会被带到穹顶城市,但是更可能会被指引去偶遇其他幸存者,组成高度倾向于服务他人的团体。援助的一种形式是让那些试图定位这些团体的人产生混乱,使用某种障眼法来保证他们不被发现。在这些情况下,对于服务他人团体来说,定居在遥远偏僻的农村地区是最好的选择,保持低调,会促进隐身效果。

In all of this, it is the essential spiritual orientation which is the determining factor. Those who do not qualify for assistance are endlessly trying to maneuver so they can benefit. They will try to capture and cling to Service-to-Other survivors, thinking this will force aliens to assist the whole community. In that those in the Service-to-Self do not judge Service-to-Other motives well, they are most likely to have captured bragging claimants instead, those who loudly proclaim themselves to be Service-to-Other when they are quite definitely undecided at best. They may also try to keep a watchful eye on developing Service-to-Other communities, thinking to invade them when alien assistance has arrived. None of these maneuvers will work, as their plans are not secret when telepathy tells us of the plans as they are hatched. http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/13ag2011.htm

总而言之,最本质的精神方向才是决定因素。那些没有接受援助的资格的人没完没了地试图使用计谋以获得利益。他们会试图抓住并依靠服务他人幸存者,认为这会迫使外星人援助整个团体。这种情况下那些服务自我的人并没有很好地判断服务他人的人的动机,他们最可能抓住的是那种只会炫耀的提出要求者,那些大声宣告他们是服务他人的人 而事实上他们很明显顶多是还未决定方向的人。他们可能还会试图盯紧正在发展中的服务他人团体,计划当外星援助到来时进行入侵。这些阴谋全都不会起作用,因为他们在阴谋策划的时候,当心灵感应告诉我们他们的计划,这些根本就不是秘密。http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/13ag2011.htm

The ZetaTalk message contains hope and, for goodhearted souls, some very good news:  The earth will be the future home of service to other souls, both native and from elsewhere.  You are not alone.


This is a fait accompli the power and wealthy elite (with their primitive technology and precarious, destructive civilization) would be wise to accept.


ZetaTalk: Meaning of Life (written Oct 15, 1995)


Humans, unsure of an afterlife and without proof that reincarnation exists, often wonder what the point of it all is. Why struggle to be good when good guys seem to finish last. Why work to build an empire when disaster can strike and bring it to ruin. They look around and ask, is this all there is? They wonder if there is a God, or if there is why atrocities are allowed to occur. It all boils down to the question - what is the Meaning of Life?


Confusion is deliberate during 3rd Density, a relatively short density, as the single lesson to be learned comes to a focus fastest when the eye cannot see past the horizon. Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other is the decision to be made, but as this is an emotional and moral decision, rather than an intellectual decision, not knowing the outcome of this decision keeps the action going in the proper arena. Imagine if youngsters in school were given no descriptions on the outcome of their curricular decisions. This is a trendy idea which is scarcely followed, as parents and teachers and family and the media all influence youngsters by pointed references and applause or punishment if not by outright demands. The youngsters might be entranced by building things with blocks but be told that will only lead to a dirty job working with one's hands, or be gifted at music and be enthralled in composing music to the exclusion of all other activities but be reminded just as constantly that performers don't have the lifestyle that white collar professionals can look to. The youngster's choices, in short, are not made based on their inclinations in the main.


During 3rd Density the spiritual choices to be made crystallize quickest when no influences are allowed to interfere. Being aware of the outcome during the learning incarnations slows the process because intellectual decisions are made that are contrary to the emotional and moral leaning, so backsliding and vacillation set in. In situations where 3rd Density entities are told the outcome of their decisions they almost invariably announce they are Service-to-Other, when in fact they are dithering between the orientations and haven't decided. Then hypocrisy sets in as self-centered motives are masked, and when the entity cannot deny to themselves that they are acting with self-centered motives they may abandon the effort altogether in self-defeating rebellion. When unaware, they are more honest with themselves, ponder the results of actions and how they feel about this more openly, try various alternatives more playfully, and in general proceed with the business at hand in a more genuine manner.


During the Transformation few entities complete their 3rd Density lesson under the duress of the rapid pace of change. Some entities leaning toward the Service-to-Other rise to the opportunities presented to do greater acts of service. Many entities leaning strongly toward the Service-to-Self act out their orientation choice without hesitation, practicing for the life they are sensing awaits them, where the spoils go to the strongest and boldest. Those entities who are incarnated undecided into the Transformation, which is now, almost invariably remain in that state, as the increasing polarization in the world around them detracts from, rather than adds to, their own introspective search.


Thus, the Meaning of Life during 3rd Density is to determine your spiritual orientation, which we can tell you now as we are well within the Transformation.  http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t25.htm


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