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【聊天问答】2014年8月30日 断层带,磁场挤压,普罗米修斯,勘察加海灯,火箭卫星启动失败  

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Aug 30, 2014  Answer Archive  Fault Lines, Squeeze CC, Prometheus, Kamchatka lights, Launch failures
2014年8月30日 问答档案       断层带,磁场挤压,普罗米修斯,勘察加海灯,火箭卫星启动失败  

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 30, 2014


How will the Grand Canyon behave during the New Madrid adjustment? And during the PS itself? Will it rip open even further, or may it become any deeper? How far will the landscape change there? How does this faults system work related to the San Andreas and New Madrid faults systems? What kind of danger does it pose to the surrounding cities? [and from another] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geology_of_the_Grand_Canyon_area  The nearly 40 major sedimentary rock layers exposed in the Grand Canyon and in the Grand Canyon National Park area range in age from about 200 million to nearly 2 billion years old. Most were deposited in warm, shallow seas and near ancient, long-gone sea shores in western North America.

Before mankind’s theory of plate tectonics was developed, man looked at great mountain ranges pushed high into the sky or great rifts torn open in the Earth and pondered. Now plates have been identified, their direction of motion identified, but the pondering persists, as it ought. There are arguments and exploration. Some call the Indo-Australian Plate two plates, one for India and one for Australia, but we call them one as they move as one, though there is bending at points in the middle. There are platelets, as at the juncture of Central and South America, though platelets moves as one with the larger plate.  And there are fault lines internal to plates, where diagonal or stretch or compression stress on a plate breaks rock on occasion.  


Where plates can be identified by either magma filled voids or mountain building along their edges, fault lines or rifts are not always visible on the surface. Fault lines have more quakes than quiet rock, and occasionally have massive quakes, as has been recorded on the New Madrid fault line in the past. The line of the San Andreas can clearly be seen in the deserts of California. With the advent of images from satellite, one can see lake chains where the ground has torn and dropped, as in the African Rift valley or Canada, and the stress on the N American Plate tearing it apart can be intuited from the St. Lawrence Seaway. Great falls in the interior of a plate imply a fault line too. 


Internal fault lines announce themselves by the frequency of earthquakes there, or volcanic eruptions due to breaks in the crust. Crevasses can indicate fault line stress, as in Mongolia, or may only be old sea mud dried into rock, as the Grand Canyon presents. It is not always possible to predict where the plates will adjust due to internal faults. The new Eurasian seaway we have predicted is not visible nor known at present, though the stretch from Scandinavia to southern Russia is apparent. Internal adjustments along a fault line can be expected during the Pole Shift or 7 of 10 plate stress when the fault line is not bounded at its end by the plate, so that part of the plate is free to move, or in a stretch zone that has an outlet on the edge of a plate.  


This latest crop circle seems genuine, http://cropcirclesdatabase.com/20140824UKeh and it's like it saying no escape and also seems to point to this trimester. Could the Zetas say more about it, like if this one is genuine and if so more about the meaning? [and from another]http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/ironwell/ironwell2014a.html

This design is genuine, laid down by the legitimate circle makers, which can be seen by the extreme precision of the lines. We have, during our crop circle analysis, ascribed concentric circles to a magnetic influence or clash. This can be seen in 2004 as Planet X approaches the Earth from below the Ecliptic, not aligned straight up with the Sun’s field and therefore creating a daily wobble in the Earth.  This can be seen in 2006 in the design depicted clashing fields. And this can be seen in 2007 with the battering effect that the daily polar push by Planet X has upon the Earth. 


So what does the 2014 design at Ironwell portray? There is an intense one-sided squeeze, the magnetic field of Planet X compressed where it encounters the Earth, the overall impression one of unrelenting intense magnetic pressure, which is expressed in so many of the Earth changes mankind is dealing with at present – planes disappearing from radar, GPS satellites malfunctioning or not accessible, and electrical appliances turning off erratically. There are few among the populace who will miss the meaning of this recent design, as the fact that the Sun and Moon are not in the skies in their expected position is subconsciously noted, even if a taboo subject in the media. 


I would like to ask such question. Everyone knows the hero of Greek mythology the Titan Prometheus, who brought the fire to people. But recently I read one statement, that his incarnation was organized in a special way. As, according to the mythology, Prometheus was a Titan, it is possible he was related with the Annunaki. Could our friends to answer - has whether under itself a real basis the story about Prometheus, when he brought the fire to people? [and from another] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prometheus  In Greek mythology Prometheus, meaning "forethought") is a Titan who sided with Zeus and the ascending Olympian gods in the vast cosmological struggle against Cronus and the other Titans. Prometheus was therefore on the conquering side of the cataclysmic war of the Greek gods, the Titanomachy, where Zeus and the Olympian gods ultimately defeated Cronus and the other Titans. The two remaining central episodes regarding Prometheus as written by Hesiod include his theft of fire from Olympus for the benefit of humanity against the will of Zeus, and the eternal punishment which Prometheus would endure for these acts as inflicted upon him by the judgment of Zeus. Prometheus, in eternal punishment, is chained to a rock in the Caucasus, Kazbek Mountain, where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle, only to be regenerated by night, due to his immortality. The eagle is a symbol of Zeus himself. Years later, the Greek hero Heracles slays the eagle and frees Prometheus from his chains.


The Annunaki left on Earth between the periodic passages of Nibiru, aka Planet X, often fought among themselves. Their culture was very hierarchical, so aggressive and ambitious young Annunaki would often challenge their leaders, especially on an outpost such as Mars or the Earth, where the leadership and royalty on Nibiru were absent. Samson was Annunaki, adopted by Jews when he was abandoned at birth, and David of the David and Goliath saga was a half-breed. Clans and political alliances were formed, among the Annunaki and between the Annunaki and humans.  Prometheus gave some humans tips on how to start fire quickly, which enraged others who feared that mankind might rebel against the essential slavery the Annunaki had arranged for them. Such myths of warfare among the Annunaki are filled with hyperbole and exaggeration, the Annunaki larger than life in myth as they were in life itself.  


Could the Zetas care to comment on what kind of phenomenon the airline pilots witnessed over the ocean near the Kamchatka peninsula? [and from another]http://www.pbase.com/flying_dutchman/pacific_eruption%20weird%20flying%20lights  After about 5 hours in flight we left Japan long time behind us and were cruising at a comfortable 34,000 ft with about 4.5 hours to go towards Alaska. Then, very far in the distance ahead of us, just over the horizon an intense lightflash shot up from the ground. It looked like a lightning bolt, but way more intense and directed vertically up in the air. About 20 minutes later in flight I noticed a deep red/orange glow appearing ahead of us, and this was a bit strange since there was supposed to be nothing but endless ocean below us for hundreds of miles around us. The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow.  [and from another] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2734573/Mystery-glow-Pacific-Ocean-Pilots-left-baffled-strange-orange-red-lights-spotted-dead-night.html  The strange lights were spotted south of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka during the flight of a Boeing 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska. There were no thunderstorms on their route or weather-radar, suggesting the lightning did not originate in a storm. 

These are earthquake lights, which emit from the ground due to compressed rock. These lights emit prior to quake activity. As we have explained, compressed rock allows electricity to flow through it, as air pockets are squeezed and the water in the rock can form a continuous pathway. There is intense pressure in the Kamchatka area, due to the N American continent being pulled into a bow. The tongue of rock stretching down to Japan is firmly attached to the N American continent and will not snap off, though it is called a platelet by some. The tip of the bow which encompasses Alaska and the Aleutian Islands is pressed north by the compressing Pacific, but the pressure is being relieved by quakes in the heartland, or along the San Andreas as occurred in Napa the day before these lights occurred.  


There has been a rash of launch failures lately, within days of each other. Is this just mechanical failure or a message?http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28910662  The European Space Agency (ESA) says the latest two satellites for Europe's version of the American GPS satellite navigation system have not gone into the correct orbit. However, it says the fifth and sixth satellites launched from French Guiana on Friday are under control. The agency is examining the implications of the anomaly. They have been placed on a lower orbit than expected. ESA, which is building the system on behalf of the EU, expects to have a 26-satellite constellation in orbit by 2017. The EU is investing billions in its sat-nav project. It believes Galileo will bring significant returns to European economies in the form of new businesses that can exploit precise timing and location data delivered from orbit. [and from another] http://www.wpbf.com/money/technology/experimental-spacex-rocket-selfdetonates/27695446#!bK0DCU  Debris from the unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket, which self-destructed less than 20 seconds after launch, rained down from the flames onto an open field outside of McGregor. A rung on the long ladder to Mars broke Friday, when a rocket test in Texas ended in a midair ball of fire. It's not how it flies up but how it comes down that makes the F9R a steppingstone to a Mars mission. The rocket has a landing gear -- four legs that stick out like an insect's. So did its even shorter predecessor, which bore the name Grasshopper. [and from another] http://www.kmxt.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5996&Itemid=2  The rocket carrying an experimental army strike weapon exploded seconds after take off from the Kodiak Launch Complex. At the nose of the rocket was the Army’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, which is a rocket-launched glider. According to the Army’s environmental impact statement, the small craft is designed to be lofted to near space before diving deeper into the atmosphere to glide to its target, the Kwajalein Atoll in the South Pacific at speeds over 3,500 mph.  The Kodiak Launch Complex is about 25-miles from the city of Kodiak.


We have warned the establishment in the past on which of their endeavors are running counter to the Council of Worlds edicts. The Earth is a member of this council, as membership is mandatory. Has the establishment been paying attention? They are aware of ZetaTalk, at the highest levels, but keep thinking they canfool telepathic aliens. 


  • The US Military was warned via ZetaTalk in 2010 when their Falcon HTV-2 was to be used for intimidation from space, US supremacy from space. That the Army’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon launch from Alaska should fail in 2014 should thus be no surprise.
  • 美国在2010年时,用猎鹰HTV-2显示空中霸权,威胁齐塔人之声。因而,2014年阿拉斯加军队中最先进的超音速武器发射失败是不足为奇的一件事。
  • What was the ESA up to with their 2014 launch of a GPS equivalent network for the EU? Europe has many migration issues, as they have imported workers and have been viewed as an economic opportunity by many in Africa. They likewise are aware that the countries in the EU will have flooding issues, and precisely locating safe routes through Europe will be needed in the coming times. But not all EU countries are deemed equal by the elite, who have as an agenda blocking the route into the Alps and to Sweden and Norway by the less affluent. Without all satellites in the network, the network cannot perform as expected, and thus the 2014 warning.
  • 为何欧洲太空总署在2014年为欧盟发射GPS卫星?欧洲有着迁移问题,他们输入了工人,被非洲一些国家认为那里有着经济机遇。他们同样意识到欧盟国家会有洪水侵袭,需要欧洲在极移到来前制定精确定位的安全路线。但并不是每个欧盟国家都被精英们平等对待,阿尔卑斯山及瑞士挪威有着很少的富人,那里的议程遭到阻塞。没有卫星,网络就无法按时进行指示,这正是2014年的警告。
  • NASA was warned in 2009 and again in 2011 when they had launch failures on their Glory satellite which supposedly was to monitor climate change. The real agenda was to monitor migration so as to blockade and murder them before they could reach the US. The Russian establishment was warned in 2012 when theTelekom-3 was taken down, a launch that was repeatedly tried by the Russians with the same result.
  • 美国宇航局在2009年和2011年反复警告称他们的荣耀号卫星因为气候变化而发射失败。他们真正的议程安排是来监控迁徙,在人们到达美国前封锁和谋杀他们。俄国也是同样的目的在2012年发射Telekom-3卫星,当那卫星落下时,他们用着同样的声明来说明原因,俄国基于同样的目的反复发射卫星。
  • The elite are intent on an escape to Mars but have repeatedly been told via ZetaTalk, as they were most recently in 2013 re a SpaceX endeavor, that this goes against an existing Council of Worlds edict. That their 2014 launch of a Falcon 9 Reusable rocket failed to launch should thus be no surprise. The elite must remain with the common man they so despise during the coming Pole Shift.
  • 精英们试图逃到火星上去,但这些意图都被齐塔人之声所揭露,他们在2013年通过太空探索技术公司(美国的太空运输公司)的保证,这违背了现有的世界委员会规定。因而2014年猎鹰9号的火箭发射失败是不足为奇的。精英必定会在极移后被公众鄙视。


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