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【Zeta/齐塔】齐塔人之声:心灵寻求 - sunlint - ZETA TALK Mail this Page to a Friend.

ZetaTalk: What the Heart Seeks

written Jan 12, 2004


There is often endless pain when a loved one goes missing and is not confirmed dead. Look at the MIA issue in Vietnam. Those seeking closure imagine their loved one in pain somewhere, in trouble, needing help, lost, lonely, and are in anguish. Won’t the pole shift, with disrupted communications and families spread far and wide going to school or traveling for work or pleasure, not the nuclear family of old where all were local, create this scenario? What can be done to ease the anguish and worry?

当所爱的人失踪并且生死未卜,会更令人感到无尽的痛苦。回顾一下因越战失踪的人员(MIA,Missing in Action)吧,那些(被通知)搜寻已经停止的人,想象着他们所爱的人不知在哪里经受折磨、需要援助、迷茫孤独并极度痛苦。 极移时通信混乱,与集中一处居住的传统小家庭相比,那些四散离居的家人、上学的学生、外出工作或休闲的人们,不也将发生同样的情况吗?能做些什么来缓解那样的痛苦和忧伤呢?

Forced separation will be one of the major reasons for mental breakdown, during the days of anguish leading up to the shift and in the weeks and months following. Man is a social animal, and as any analysis of disrupted social networks in the animal kingdom will demonstrate, experiences emotional pain when separated from what is considered the family group. Dogs run in packs, and domesticated dogs are grieving when separated from their owners for any length of time. Cats fun in prides, and though often considered aloof by their owners, can be found situated on a window sill or chair in the vicinity of their owners. Birds are found in flocks, and will have it no other way. This is inherent in the animal, a survival instinct, and the emotional pain caused by separation for good reason. In human cultures, expulsion from the group is considered a punishment known to bring pain. Exile. Excommunication. Divorce. Termination. These have impacts beyond the financial and convenient, the primary being emotional pain.
Nancy will relay that some of the most poignant email she gets is from individuals forced to make trips, the potential of being separated from family and home so worrisome when no firm date for an upswing in Earth changes will be given. These are real concerns, far beyond the convenience of whether a bill should be paid or cosmetic surgery be scheduled. When serious slowing commences, there will be some who find it difficult to return home, but these will be few. Steady slowing will be a drumbeat that will not be mistaken, so unless one is held prisoner in some manner, prevented from returning, such a situation will not present itself. But what will be in lost when the phone lines fail, the mail no longer delivered, will be the connection between extended family members, or those friends and coworkers long held dear who stood as replacements for a family bond.在电话线路中断、邮件停止投递,家族成员间的联系,以及同事朋友间长久保持的、扮演着家庭纽带的亲密关系将会失去。

  • grandparents worried sick about the young grandchildren in a suburb close to a city, trapped there, apparently, by parents who refused to consider any emergency until the government formally announced it. Is the child wandering alone, injured and starving and frightened?
  • the wife whose husband was on a construction crew, far from home, knowing he is now homeless.
  • a nephew, who always considered his aunt and uncle his parents, wondering how they faired in a river delta when the flooding started, the home and all in it perhaps swept away.

Beyond the worry for the other, is the anguish of separation, a matter not easily put to rest and properly grieved over as certainty is not at hand. Funerals are for the living, allowing them to come to terms with the death, the certain death, of a loved one, else the heart is trapped, suspended. What will occur in such instances? Migration will be so commonplace as to almost be the norm, after the shift. Where this will primarily be due to flooding and earthquake, survivors having scampering ahead of rising water or crawled out of the debris heap that cities will become, and secondarily due to a search for food, it is also a search for family, comrades, to establish the sense of belonging. Shelter and food are more easily gained than the connection, which when lost takes a period of grieving before substitutes are accepted, emotionally. Thus depression will be rampant, the sense of loss aggravated, the anguish unresolved. We have often stated that those heavily into the Service-to-Other orientation will be assisted, most often sight unseen, by guides in the Aftertime. This will include assistance in reuniting separated loved ones, if only via visits as contactees on space ships, for reassurance or closure, but often also as guided migration, to help the heart find what it seeks.




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